Foodie Friday: Brotzeit's Apfelstrudel (Apple Strudel)

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I've been sharing my love for food and cooking with my children ever since they learned how to hold their own spoon and fork.  They also get to watch me prepare and cook simple meals at home. My girl is more curious when it comes to food, so I'm really happy that she shares my enthusiasm and interest in my foodie adventures.  Last weekend, it was her turn to be hands-on at a Kinder Köche class, featuring a recipe from Brotzeit.

We were invited to join Brotzeit's Kinder Köche (German, means children cooks) class a few weeks ago.  I believe it was for the chocolate cake recipe.  The girl and I were really looking forward to our cooking session together, but I was not feeling well that weekend so we had to cancel.  Good thing they still invited us for the last class which I'm now sharing here. It was a great experience for my girl, and she even told me she had so much fun during the class!

Guten tag!
Brotzeit is located in Shangri-la mall.  It's very spacious, with warm yet modern interiors.  I love the long wooden tables and benches.  I have to bring J and try their food and beers next time!

The set-up was ideal for chef and instructors to teach and supervise the kids at their "work stations".  We were at the far end of the table and I think there were about 10 kids that day. I'm guessing the age ranged from 5 to 12 years old.  Parents were encouraged to assist the kids as well.

Here's M trying on her apron.  She eventually change and put on the t-shirt they provided since most of the kids were wearing theirs for the class. Each participant received and got to take home a shirt, an apron, a mixing bowl, and a set of measuring cups.

Chef Ivan led the class, and he shared that all the dishes they taught in class are being served at the restaurant. They simply adjusted the recipe for the Kinder Köche. 

The chef explained each step to the kids, and described all the ingredients for them. Look at how attentive she was here. =)

With their permission, I'm now sharing the recipe of Brotzeit's APFELSTRUDEL
You can save and print out this recipe.

The APPLE STRUDEL recipe is very easy to follow: 
Simply mix the apples, raisins, sugar, cinnamon, and lemon juice. 

Let the fruits marinate for about 10 minutes while in another bowl, combine bread crumbs, chopped nuts, and softened butter.  This mixture will be spread on the puff pastry.

Then, pile on the apple filling in the center of the pastry, leaving space on all sides.

Chef Ivan showed us how to wrap the strudel.
Pull up each side one at time, carefully stretch to wrap, and then the fold over the top and bottom edges to seal.

Last step, brush the egg wash on the surface of the pastry.  Bake for 25 minutes until golden brown.

While our Apfelstrudel was baking, we were also treated to a non-alcoholic mixing demo. Naturally, the kids were all excited to volunteer and use the shaker.  Everyone was happy to have a chance to shake, shake, shake their own drink!

During our session, they created the CARDINAL PUNCH, minus the vodka.

Here's her refreshing drink!

We shared her mocktail, but she wiped out this chocolate ice cream that was also served together with the freshly baked apple strudel.

If you can only smell this freshly-baked strudel... such a delight!

After enjoying a slice, we happily took home the rest of our apfelstrudel to share with the family.

It was a very memorable and enjoyable experience for us, especially for M.  She had an amazing time and wanted to join again next summer.  Thank you, Chef Ivan and Brotzeit Philippines for having at this Kinder Köche class.  We hope to join next summer!

Brotzeit® offers large servings of popular Bavarian dishes and world-famous German beers - a perfect place to gather friends, families, and hold celebrations all year round.

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Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant
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For reservations or inquiries, call: (632) 631-1489

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