Hamster Tales: Sleep Series

Sarap ng tulog!

I've been sharing snapshots of our little pets since we had our first pair in July last year.  In the past few months, I fancied taking photos of them with my iPhone while they're asleep, and you may have seen some of them on my Instagram (click on the first four photos). I tagged them as #JMhamstertales. I captioned my posts with the Tagalog phrase, "sarap ng tulog" - an expression where you see someone who is sleeping soundly.  These hamsters just looked so doped -- well, some say they looked dead, hahahaha... but I agree, they do!

Lying down belly up, paws up, you'd mistake them for dead. Some will be curled, while others will be holed up in the houses we placed in the cage. But all of them still look so cute in whatever sleeping position they end up in. We've also noticed there are a few favorite snoozing spots for our furry friends.

Here are Nibbles (grandma) with her "kids" Vanessa, Shadow Jr., Snowball, Blizzard, and Peaches (mama). Peaches have her triplets too - Victoria, Fluffy, and Winter.  My girl named them all! =)  So, I will try my best to identify them here while in deep slumber. Enjoy!

Winter likes it inside

Victoria curls up beside the house

Vanessa, is that you?

Shadow Jr. with his wavy fur

Peaches, and ... Nibbles (?)

Peaches, and Snowball in the tunnel

Peaches in the tunnel

Nibbles, or Vanessa - they look identical!

Fluffy in the boy's broken tunnel

Blizzard's turn in the tunnel

Fluffy by the wheel

Fluffy on the wheel

Winter on the wheel

I think this is Vanessa - almost in the exact same position as above, on the wheel

We have 5 females, and 4 males - they have their own cages, same size and design, but yellow for the girls, brown for the boys.  Over time, we learned how to care for them pretty well.  My girl is more fond of our pets, so she also learned how to handle each one, and is now having fun grooming and playing with them. Hamsters are nocturnal, so when they are awake during the day, the girl tries to groom them.

Here's our favorite Victoria - we both love to carry her.

Nibbles? Vanessa?
Mother and daughter, face to face... who's who?

Initially, we planned to give away most of them, but the girl changed her mind and asked to keep them all. We're glad we did!

Hope you enjoyed our little furry pets. =)
My intro feature to our first hamsters:
Our Lazy Pet Hamsters

Victoria says, "Hello there!"

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