Family Friday: Who Gets 8 Hours of Sleep These Days?

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When I was still single, that's my normal sleeping hours - sleep by 11, wake up by 7. With two hyperactive kids, this magic number became elusive, especially during school days. I know many of my friends can related to this as well.  It seems as we get older, sleep becomes a luxury!

Time is 10:30pm, Thursday, as I write this post, to be scheduled for Family Friday - tomorrow.
Brain function status = "low-batt". 
Please excuse any incoherent paragraphs below.

I have a few scheduled posts lined up for the coming days, but I have one specifically timed for Family Friday.  It's a very interesting feature about discovering our innate intellect via a sophisticated biometric scan.  More on that next week coz I'm now too sleepy to even finish writing and editing my story on that.  This gave me an impromptu topic to post now, and this will be short and sweet so I can hit the sack earlier tonight.

At one of their favorite hotel suites from Hotel H2O

So, who among you gets 8 hours of sleep?
Well, not me. Not regularly though. This is my typical evening:
After putting the kids to bed, around 9pm, I start blogging, or snacking, or chatting on FB, browsing my Instagram and checking other sites.  It relaxes me, and it's my time to socialize with other mom friends online. =)  It's quiet time for myself too.  But the major hurdle for us is the girl. (It's now 10:57 pm and she's still up.)  Yes, our feisty, precocious, talkative little girl.

The boy thrives on routine and can sleep on time. This girl, however, is the complete opposite and does not seem to recognize any of the time we've set.  It's so frustrating and is a major test of my patience, I tell you. Having to wait for her to fall asleep has been one of the hurdles on our bedtime routine ever since she was 4.

Since the end of September last year, the kids have been staying with us in our room, and it's been more challenging. I'm the last one to go to sleep every single night. She's also been having trouble sleeping these past few weeks, maybe because of the summer break and change in routine. Of course, I can't have some shut-eye myself until she falls asleep.

For the past 3 days, we've been sleeping at around 1:00 am. I need to get ideas on how to make her sleep earlier, or make major changes in bedtime rules. Any suggestions? Boy is fast asleep. My eyes are now tired, eye lids droopy. I'm going to bed now, and will wait for the girl to doze off.

It's 11:24 pm. Thursday. Good night.  Have a restful weekend!

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