DIY Winter Melon Milk Tea

As the title of this post suggests, here's my own concoction of ice cold winter melon milk tea - my usual order from popular milk tea houses I frequent.  Sometimes, I order it plain with rock salt and cheese topping shared with my girl - it's her favorite too! Making this large serving at home gives me a lot of savings! =)

Winter melon (winter gourd / white gourd) is actually a vegetable, typically used in Chinese cuisine for soups.  You have to look up the process of making the winter melon juice, which is very popular in Taiwan. I have not seen a fresh winter melon yet, I just buy the juice. =) 

There are only two brands of ready-to-drink winter melon juice I've seen in the market - like this tetrapak Marigold Winter melon drink, and a most recent discovery, this canned Green Mate Winter Melon Drink (P40) I bought from Little Store in San Juan.  Green Mate is a bit less sweet than Marigold.


1 sachet Owl Teh Tarik (instant milk tea)
1 can Green Mate Winter Melon Drink, chilled
1 tablespoon brown sugar (optional)
Ice cubes
1/4 cup hot water

How to make:
In a tall glass or mug, dissolve milk tea powder (and sugar) in very hot water.
Add 4-6 ice cubes, and pour the chilled winter melon juice.
Stir, and enjoy!

You can use any brands you prefer.  But guaranteed, this iced winter melon milk tea is one of the most refreshing beverages you can make, just perfect for our hot summer days!

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