A New Healthy Rice: Rico Corn Rice

My family eats a lot of white rice. In my effort to introduce healthier alternatives, I sometimes mix red rice with white, if not all red. If we don't serve rice, we have noodles/pasta, potatoes, and corn as substitutes for our carbs during mealtimes.

We all enjoy eating corn, whether plain boiled corn on the cob, or sweet corn kernels served with veggies. I even made corn muffins before, and still crave for the local street food binatog. Good news is, there's a new form of serving corn - corn rice!

Last March 22 at Clawdaddy's in Bonifacio High Street, I was with fellow bloggers and their families who were introduced to the newest healthy rice alternative, Rico Corn Rice - the first of its kind in the market today.  Rico Corn Rice is made from fine ground corn grown in the Philippines.  It looks and feels like rice grains in naturally bright golden yellow color.

Everyone was excited to sample the different corn rice dishes that were prepared during the event. I thank Rico Corn Rice for tapping me to feature it here and be one of the first to try it! =)

Corn Rice Paella
Garlic Walnut Parsley Corn Rice -- my favorite!
Sweet Mango Cream Corn Rice
Fried Corn Rice with La Filipina Corned Pork -- cooked on the spot

So, why is corn rice healthier?
Here's what I learned about the benefits of corn during the presentation:
  • Has lower glycemic index - beneficial to diabetics and mature adults
  • Contributes to optimal carbohydrate metabolism
  • Beta-carotene occurs naturally - serves as antioxidant and protection against free radicals
  • Has Vitamin A - for healthier skin and mucus membranes, strengthens immune system and improves eyesight
  • Naturally contains Lutein, for good eyesight
  • Has high amount of fiber - helps alleviate common digestive disorders
  • Folate-rich corn helps in the generation of new cells
  • Has Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid - can reverse anemia, avoid heart disease and neural birth defects

What makes Rico Corn Rice special and why I like it:
  • I like corn = Rico Corn Rice is made from corn 
  • Lower glycemic index over white rice
    • good for diabetics
    • helps maintain blood sugar level for general wellness
  • No Cholesterol
  • More nutrient-dense over regular rice varieties
    • Fortified with additional B vitamins, Calcium, and Iron
    • Naturally rich in Beta-carotene, Lutein, and Fiber
  • It's Aflatoxin safe (no carcinogens)
  • More filling than rice, thus, you eat less of it
    • good for those who want to lose weight
  • Texture is light and fluffy but has a firm bite - not mushy
  • Neutral taste, and can be matched with any viand
  • Cooks faster than regular rice - approx. 15 minutes cooking time
Plain steamed Rico Corn Rice

Fried garlic corn rice

How to cook Rico Corn Rice:
  • Measure rice
  • Boil water
  • Pour rice (as instructed in the package / no need to wash)
  • Simmer until cooked - or when preferred softness is achieved (about 15 minutes)
    • Can be cooked in pot or rice cooker

I already cooked the corn rice in the conventional way, and served with crispy fish fillet. I thoroughly enjoyed the garlic corn rice at the event, so I tried to replicate at home - perfectly matched here with chorizo burger (see photos above).  I still have to get used to the naturally occurring taste and smell of corn in the rice, though mild.  I'd say it's an acquired taste, much like eating brown rice for the first time.  You should go try it for yourself! Rico Corn Rice is truly a healthier staple food for the whole family.

SRP : 1kg = PhP70 / 2kg = PhP125 / 5kg = PhP300

Rico Corn Rice is available at the following supermarkets: Ever, Pioneer Supermarket, Sta. Lucia, Landmark, and Hi-Top.  Soon at all leading supermarkets.

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