Art Time with Meadow Kids: Fashion Designer and Box of Stencils

It's always art day here at home. Both my kids enjoy drawing and not a day passes that they don't sketch anything, even on a torn piece of paper towel. Drawing seems to be their favorite quiet time activity since I don't even have to ask them to do it. Usually, they just draw on the table or on the floor and keep busy for an hour or so. Having different materials to use from time to time make it all the more interesting for them, like with these Meadow Kids art sets.

This Meadow Kids Fashion Designer kit is nothing new to me since I bought a couple of their box set last December as gifts to my friends' little girls. My own daughter enjoys "fashion designing" and told me she wants to be one when she grows up, as I did when I was younger. Incidentally, M received a box (below, left) from her cousin as a gift too, during her last birthday. That's why, when Meadow Kids asked if they can send me samples to review, I did not hesitate to accept since I'm already familiar with their products.  Now, she has two sets to play with!

Fashion Designer 
This kit contains several pages of colored sticker dresses and accessories, sheets of uncolored stickers, and Style and Sketch models. The kit also comes with a pen case containing 8 felt tip pens, and 2 glitter glues.

What I like about Fashion Designer:
  • Lots of stickers in different styles and themes - winter clothes, princess looks, party frocks, and more
  • Fashion stickers come colored and uncolored - kids can create their own looks, to mix and match
  • Style and Sketch models come in different looks, colored and uncolored - makes it flexible to create your own models and stick clothes on
  • Stickers can easily be removed, reused up to 2x, and transferred to another model
  • Includes 8 coloring pens and 2 glitter glues
  • Comes in a handy book
  • Value for money, set at PhP599.75 (Toy Kingdom and Toys R Us)

My girl and my nieces spent a few hours coloring, creating and designing their own looks. The pens can run out or dry out faster than expected, so have your own felt-tip pens ready, and to have provide more colors as well.  I wish there were more models to choose from. 

Fashion Design kits make for great gifts and can be a relaxing weekend or after-school activity. In my opinion, it can keep girls, aged 4 to 12, occupied and entertained for a few hours. It's cute and amusing to see how they express themselves through fashion with the designs they come up with. 

Giant Box of Stencils
This kit contains drawing sheets and 6 stencil plates. The box set also comes with 6 colored pencils and a sharpener.

This is our first stencil set so the kids were curious to open this one.  It's just like tracing, only you use the patterns to outline and draw directly on the sheets provided, or use on plain paper.

What I like about Giant Box of Stencils:
  • Contains 6 assorted plastic stencil plates - letters, shapes, animal prints, and more
  • Allows kids to experiment with the patterns to mix and match, and to make stationery using the sheets included
  • Includes 6 coloring pencils and a sharpener
  • Comes in a handy, slide out box
  • Both boys and girls can play with it
  • Stencils can be used for other projects or artworks
  • Stencils can fit within a regular bond paper
  • Box set at PhP699.75 (Toy Kingdom and Toys R Us)

As soon as we opened the box, both my kids picked out their own choice of stencil and traced away. I also joined them and made my under-the-sea poster with my octopus. =) The boy even drew and created his own characters following the technique from the patterns without the use of the stencil (see bottom drawing).  The coloring pencils were not as nice as the branded ones we have at home though, as it colors on the lighter side.  But it's good enough to use and take along when going out.  

Thanks again to Meadow Kids for these gifts! Between the two kits, the Fashion Design set proved more engaging and interesting, especially with the girls.  Nonetheless, these Meadow Kids art sets are wonderful tools that allow young children to get creative, use their imagination, and keep their hands busy making art.

There are many more Meadow Kid products for different age groups, available at Toys "R" Us and Toy Kingdom.

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