Milk and Choco Cookie Shots

There's something about milk and cookies - it's comfort food, kids love it, adults love it, it's a classic pairing for snacks or even dessert.  Now, what if, instead of dunking your cookie in milk, you can pour milk IN your cookie!

The creator of the original chocolate cookie milk shots is none other than Mr. Cronut® himself, chef Dominique Ansel of Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City.  After the Cronut® craze last year, I watched him on a TV show presenting another creation, the frozen S'mores.  And just a few weeks ago, he launched "The Chocolate Chip Cookie Shots".  Click on his Instagram pic below.

So how did I get to try these here?  
A few weeks ago, my girl's former pre-school teacher and baker, Ivorie Acosta, started to make me drool over her cookie "shot glass" posts on IG.  She's the lady behind the successful line of cookie cups from CookieBar.  She was inspired by Chef Ansel's unique new creation, and lucky for us, we don't have to go to NYC to have a taste!  She made her own version and is now taking orders.  Of course, they are not as perfect as the original, but they're so good nonetheless!  It's a thick chocolate chip cookie shaped like a shot glass, and coated from the inside with chocolate to hold the milk.

I ordered my first box over a week ago, and soon as I brought it home last Friday, the girl and I fought over who will pour the milk first.  Click on the photo to see the short video on Instagram.

Eating 1 cookie "shot glass" is quite filling, coz it's dense and lined with chocolate.  You can pour warm milk, but make sure to drink fast as it will soften the chocolate coating and cookie.  I used regular cold fresh milk - dairy and almond milk works well. With the last few bites, I did the classic way, dipping in the leftover milk. =)

I have them for breakfast and snacks. I'm craving for one as I type. Go get our own cookie shots! You can order through the contacts on the box below.
Watch how Ivorie, baker behind CookieBar, take her shot, here on her Instagram video.
I followed another serving suggestion from Instagram and made this drool-worthy combo!

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