Fun Friday: Swimming Beyond Summer

Third Friday of the month:  Recreation / Sports

A week before the culminating event for her swimming class in P.E., the girl has been having anxiety attacks, feeling tense and scared, and in no mood to attend their swim meet. She said she doesn't want to race. After 10 sessions of basic swimming lessons with her classmates, I'm proud that my girl can now "survive" in the water and confidently swim on her own.  Well, at least up to 3 meters! =)

Swimming is a life skill and I believe that if there is an opportunity for kids and adults to learn, then they should go for it.  I feel fortunate that swimming was part of our P.E. program when I was in high school. We had two solid years of weekly training under one very competent coach and teacher.  My classmates and I considered ourselves very lucky to be taught by Ms. Gonzales... for two years, without her even getting in the water! Of course, we had to push her in the pool during our last day with her.  That was the only time I actually saw her swim! What an amazing teacher she was.

I graduated with this life skill, learning all the different strokes and life-saving techniques that helped me be a confident swimmer (even if I only get to swim a couple of times a year, heehee). During family summer outings, I now try to teach my kids some basic breathing techniques and simple strokes for them to be able to float and swim forward. I am not so good in that department. Knowing how to swim does not make me a teacher.

The boy only took summer swimming lessons last year (the child's readiness is important to us) with the Bert Lozada Swim School (BLSS) at Ace Hotel. He's pretty confident now but still has lots of room for improvement. The girl and the boy are now in the same level of competency since the program was under the same group - BLSS is also the swimming program provider for the girl's school.

Happy little swimmer for the day

Last Saturday morning, it was the swim meet for the girl's batch, and I was surprised to find out from co-parents that their girls were also as tense as M, even the crying bouts and refusal to attend the event! :) As expected, once they were called and jumped into the pool, their fears were gone and everyone was in their element.

Warm up!

In their brightest pink swim wear =)

There were several races for the boys and girls, as well as mixed games. The kids showed teamwork and camaraderie, even among us parents who were their cheerleaders that day.  Sharing some scenes I was able to (luckily) capture during the swim meet.

The Noodle race

The Board race

Our class won the "fishing" game where the kids dive for assorted plastic toy fish and shoot in the basket one by one, collecting more fish than the other class.  They were ecstatic! =)  I'm really looking forward to swimming with my kids this summer break and let them show off their skills in the water.  

Where are you going for a swim this summer? =)

Scrambling to dive for little fishies... her class won the Fishing Game!

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