Family Friday: Entering The 40s

Second Friday of the month:  Personal Life / Motherhood

I hate to say, but I'm turning 41 on Sunday!!! #realitybites
And then I read this article by Pamela Druckerman - so real, so current, I can so relate to her!
"The modern 40s are so busy it’s hard to assess them. Researchers describe the new “rush hour of life,” when career and child-rearing peaks collide.
The conventional wisdom is that you’re still reasonably young, but that everything is declining: health, fertility...
Eight hours of continuous, unmedicated sleep is one of life’s great pleasures."

That was my Facebook status update last week, 2 days before my 41st birthday.  I have come to accept (reluctantly) that I am now in the "40s" age group since I've crossed over the 40 line last March 9.
Taken last November 2013

The article I was talking about is from NYTimes.com - What You Learn in Your 40s.  What perfect timing that I read it before my birthday.  It struck a cord and gave me the idea for this post since I'm in a new phase in my life.  Finding humor in this age factor, and feeling forever 28 helps me embrace this new stage and all the changes that's happening, and going to happen.

I'll babble now...

I feel like a prune. It's like when I hit 40, my skin got totally messed up. I felt so dry all over, with scaly skin. I never had allergies or eczema growing up, then suddenly they attacked me one day with itchy spots. Regular moisturizers don't seem to work anymore and I have now shifted to facial and body oils! 
I'm definitely not fit. I'm also saggy here and there. I regularly feel the aches and pains - from back pains, to sore joints and muscles, stamina and endurance levels are at an all time low. But that's my fault. I'm too lazy to work out. I know I need some form of exercise. Wish me luck finding the time and motivation to push for this.  Luckily, my physique did not change much through the years, so dressing up has not been much of an issue.  
And then the eyes - I don't have 20/20 vision anymore and things get blurry now from 6 inches as I move closer. Doc says that's the age talking.  Noted.

I became more forgetful. I blame it on lack of sleep but J thinks otherwise! :p I know my mind and body needs that 8 golden hours everyday for me to be 100% during the day. I used to get through my day without any pocket calendar/planner or cellphone reminders.  I just take mental notes and accomplish what needs to be done. J said maybe I stored too many "useless" information that I now forget the more pressing ones! Do I need to take gingko biloba now?

Emotional / Psychological
Sometimes, I  feel stuck or lost. Overwhelmed. Procrastinating. I feel there's still so much I want to do and accomplish for myself, but they're all on pause for now since I've got these precious duo that needs me more than ever. 
Should I go back to work? Start something new? Is there still something for me out there? Am I parenting my kids well? Am I reaching a balance in my life? Am I successfully building healthier relationships with my husband, my kids, my friends? Have I transcended my personal ego? There's this crossroad as I enter the next chapter. But I'm optimistic. I know things will only get better. =)

Okay, enough of my psycho-emo-drama for now. =)  I'm 28. Let's all have a drink now, shall we?

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