Singapore's Famous OWL Coffee and Tea Now in the Philippines

ATTENTION COFFEE (and Tea) LOVERS:  Singapore’s leading coffee and tea brand, OWL, was officially launched yesterday, March 17, via a media event.  Owl is a multi-awarded brand based on it's product excellence, and exported worldwide.  I already buy this brand so I gamely went to learn more about the story behind Owl and it's various products.

This Owl brand is not new to me. I've tried their products over a year ago and since then, I've been hooked. I like their Teh Tarik Milk Tea (I take it hot or iced), the Soothing Brew Ginger Tea, and the classic Kopitiam Roast 3-in-1 Kopi C.  I usually buy from Unimart and The Little Store in San Juan.  For variety, I also like their creamy and fragrant Nanyang White Coffee Gula Melaka with Coconut Sugar, though it's too strong for me.  I palpitate easily coz I'm not a heavy coffee drinker and I have low tolerance for caffeine, heehee...

If you've been following me on Instagram, maybe you've spotted some of my Owl moments I've shared there (click below to see full posts). Depending on my mood, I enjoy Owl coffee or tea for breakfast, afternoon breaks, or even for a night cap.

Going back to the event, it was ably hosted by the very engaging and witty radio jock, Tony Toni. I enjoyed the portion of special guest Robert Francisco, a renowned coffee expert and connoisseur, as he shared some interesting trivia, and the elaborate process of making instant coffee.

Did you know...
  • coffee trees produce coffee berries / cherries, turning red when ripe and ready for picking
  • each coffee berry has two beans inside
  • there are many varieties of coffee used for coffee granules - Arabica, Excelsa, Liberica among others, with Robusta as the major variety used
  • coffee in non-acidic by nature, acidity comes from how it reacts to our stomach acid
  • the Alamid coffee / civet coffee from the civet cat has a unique flavor, but the taste of the final coffee depends on the animal's diet and coffee process

After the coffee talk, Robert prepared refreshing coffee concoctions for us to try using Owl coffee.  He created ice blended dessert beverages like "coffee-cookies and cream" and "chocnut-coffee".  Of course, there was unlimited coffee for everyone since all tables have a basket full of different Owl coffee and tea for us to try.  Below, left, is my flavorful cup of Nanyang White Coffee, and on the right is the cool and icy cookies and cream. Yummm!

“Owl has been brewing fine coffee since 1956.  Its longevity and market success is a testament to its vast expertise and attention to detail in making the perfect coffee brew.
Owing to its unique location along the straits of Malacca between Java and Penang, Owl is in the heart of one of the best coffee growing regions in the world.  With Owl, you’re going to enjoy a great cup of coffee each and every time.” - Kerwin Wong, CEO of Transaxion Unlimited

Exclusive importer and distributor of OWL, Transaxion Unlimited: Mona Chua, Marvin Hung, and Kerwin Wong

What I like about Owl coffee and tea:
  • Taste and flavor are superb
  • Many varieties of coffee to choose from, with unique flavors
  • All aromatic 3-in-1 instant mix
  • Authentic tea flavors; best ginger-honey tea (in my opinion)
  • Coffee packaging features a rating for: coffee strength, sweetness, and creaminess
  • Reasonable prices
KOPITAM ROAST 3-IN-1 KOPI-C = SRP P215 / pack of 25 sachets
NANYANG WHITE COFFEE = SRP P270 / pack of 15 sachets
Owl Coffee comes in several variants:
  • 3-in-1 Coffee Strong
  • 3-in-1 Regular Low Fat - for diet-conscious individuals
  • Kopitiam Roast selection - deriving its distinct taste from Singapore’s coffee shop culture
    • Kopi Siew Dai (Less Sugar)
    • Kopi-C (contains evaporated milk as its creamer, for a creamy smooth taste)
  • Nanyang White Coffee line - Has strong, robust flavor without the bitter aftertaste
    • White Coffee with creamer and sugar
    • White Coffee Gula Melaka - with creamer and coconut sugar, has unique aromatic blend

SOOTHING BREW = SRP P170 / pack of 20 sachets
TEH TARIK = SRP P135 / pack of 20 sachets
Owl Tea
  • Teh Tarik - instant foamy milk tea
  • Ginger Tea with Honey - soothing, alternative tea beverage with ginger's health properties

That's me, with fellow blogging mamas - Rowena, Jenny, and Jackie

My friends and I are all happy Owl drinkers, and I hope you can try them too!
Catch the "Owl Made Me Do It" caravan will be going around Quezon, Makati, and Pasig City business districts up until May 2014 to sample their delicious coffee.

Photo courtesy of OWL.

Owl is available in the Philippines in leading groceries, supermarkets, convenience stores, and hypermarkets nationwide:  Makati Supermart, Metro Market, Puregold, Robinson's, Rustan's, Shoppers Mart, Shopwise, SM supermarket, Unimart, Little Store, 711.

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