Family Friday: Surviving Without a Yaya (Nanny)

Second Friday of the month: Parenthood / Family / Kids

After 10 years, since the kids were born, we are now yaya-less.  Between the boy and the girl, we've only had three nannies - all of them served us well and treated my kids with so much care and love.  I've heard so many horror stories from friends and relatives about their caretakers, and on that note, I consider ourselves lucky to have had good help with our children.

The boy is almost 10 and the girl will be 7 in January.  Both of them are big enough to fend for themselves and take on more responsibilities at home.  J and I are confident that they are both capable even with a yaya around, but were just "lazy" and dependent before because they know there is always someone who's gonna do things for them even before they ask.  They are the señorito and señorita of the house... I mean, let's face it, who would not want to be served and have everything prepared for you, right!?

"A" for effort with washing her own dishes

Our last yaya has been gone for 3 weeks now and we can see that the kids have adjusted pretty well with our current set-up, especially our boy.  He is a stickler for time and schedule, he thrives on routine.  The girl, on the one hand, is more challenging to manage.  She's more spontaneous and impulsive, and will sweet-talk her way to getting what she wants.  They are complete opposites.  It's a good thing she follows big brother's lead most of the time when it comes to the routine, if not, there will be total chaos and our stress levels will be off the roof!

Afternoons spent on the road from school

They used to sleep in their shared bedroom with the yaya.  Now, they sleep in our room until we can transition them to sleep alone back to their room. We'll have to do this during the holiday vacation so we don't stress them too much with the thought of being on their own and disrupt the school day bedtime.

On my part, it's the earlier wake-up call that's sucking the energy out of me, heehee! Did I mention I'm not a morning person?  Since no one will prepare the kids' meals and stuff for school, I had to wake up an hour earlier than usual just to get them out the door on time.  I have not really gotten my groove back yet 'coz I now feel sleepy by mid-day, and had to hit the sack on or before midnight so I can wake up early the next day.  And the cycle continues.  Goodbye to quiet time and blogging beyond 12.  Honestly, I feel so unproductive for the past few weeks.  I've been remiss of some responsibilities and still adjusting with the newly hired house help.

For now, the important thing is that the kids have already gotten used to not having a yaya around.  The best part about our "new" life without a nanny is that we have become closer as a family unit, despite the girl being too clingy lately. The kids are actually more relaxed sleeping in our room, despite the mess! It's a refreshing change for all of us.  I am optimistic that the boy and the girl will become more independent and responsible in the days to come.

Now... how do we schedule a date night with these two on our tails?!? =)

This is the sequel to not having a yaya = Mommy the Grouch.

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