Family Friday: School is Fun!

Second Friday of the month: Schooling / Kids / Parenthood

"It's fun!" "I like the toys there." "My favorite place is the playground and the library."
That's coming from the girl who seemed to be enjoying her school now, after the first week of having separation anxiety.

During her preschool years, the first month was a struggle for me and the girl when I bring her to school everyday.  She usually clings to me and didn't want to let me leave, sometimes crying as the teacher carried her or led her to join her classmates.  There were days she intentionally wanted to be late, so "there will be less hours left in school".  Ironically, when I fetch her after dismissal, she'll usually say she had a good day in school!

Naturally, on her first day in "big school", we expected it to be difficult again.  Before we left the house, I wanted to take a picture of her in uniform since this is the first time she's worn one, but she refused.  She wasn't even smiling in the car on our way to school.  Our only consolation is that she'll be with some of her former classmates, and her former preschool teacher is her class adviser again.

Even after seeing some familiar faces, there was still no enthusiasm to go to class and she hesitantly followed teacher and sat on the chair.  I waved goodbye, but she's clearly not too happy as I left the room - masama ang loob, heehee.  Look at this snapshot on her first day. 

"Mommy, school was not that bad after all! I had fun!"  This, coming from the girl who'd rather stay home and play. What a relief.
It's been almost two months since that first day, and I know she's learning so much and having a great time in school with all the wonderful stories she's been telling me everyday.  I don't even have to ask how her day was.  I think that's a good indicator of how well she's doing in school, her developing relationships with her peers and teachers, and how she copes with the day-to-day challenges and activities. 

Aside from her request to stay a few minutes on the swing after dismissal, she's also fond of borrowing new books from the library.

"I will not give you a hard time with assignments. I'll try to have all A... is A the highest grade, mommy?"
She sees me tutor her big brother, and she knows I get so frustrated at times while teaching the boy.  She often wants to do activities too while the boy does his homework.  One time, out of the blue, she said she won't give me a hard time when it's her turn to have homework.  So sweet!

"School is nice!"
That's coming from the daughter of OC Mom in Manila.  The girls are classmates and I'm happy to know they share the same sentiments.  Little OCmom even wants teacher to give them harder homework! =)

"I don't like school. I LOVE school!"
That is the clincher from A, son of Mothering Earthlings.  They're classmates too.  He's the charming boy who loves to chase the girls, try to smell their hair, and blow flying kisses at them.

M's successful escape from A's kisses is just one of the many funny stories I get to hear from my girl when she comes home from school.

It gives me so much comfort knowing that she enjoys learning and going to school everyday, just like her classmates.  She tells me she doesn't want to be late, that she has new best friends, and that she's learning Chinese and enjoys writer's workshop. =)  The teaching methods in her progressive school encourage analytical thinking and motivates the kids to learn from each other and interact in class. Kudos to the amazing teachers too.  We chose the right school for her. I just pray we can afford to send her there until grade 12!

There will still be "bad" days, for sure, but I know at the end of the day, she'll still have fun.  She will still go to class and say goodbye with a smile.

"I had the best day ever today!"
Enough said.
All dressed up during Writer's Workshop party in school

I can't remember being this happy when I was still studying.  
Did you have fun in school?

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