Blanca De China Lifestyle Spa in San Juan

Fresh, clean, cozy, immaculate - those words came to mind as soon as I stepped into Blanca De China.  It's the newest lifestyle spa that opened in a quiet neighborhood in my lovely little city.
(Photo from Blanca De China Facebook Page)

Blanca de China offers a welcome respite for busy bodies like me.  The charming spa draws you in and instantly makes you feel relaxed in their whitewashed, shabby-chic interiors.  That's Patty, having her pedicure at the ├╝ber chic and cozy lounge area while I ended my treatment upstairs.  Scroll down for a mini-tour of the spa.

"We need a place that can slow down the every churning windmills of our minds. We need that place where we can have tea and cookies gratis, enjoy ethereal music, the immaculate surroundings, and feel the whole romance of it." - Blanca De China

Aside for a range of services, the spa also carries little trinkets like those above, that lets you "bring home a piece of Blanca de China".  I love that chair, but that's not for sale. =)

"Cleanliness is next to Godliness."  They take that seriously here, so for our peace of mind, the spa makes sure all the instruments they use are completely sterilized.  They even have a His/Hers spa kit that you can purchase and use every time you come for a treatment.

The spa features one private cubicle on the ground floor, and four on the second level.  They are also equipped with machines for facial and body treatments, proper tools and massage beds.  My only concern is that they don't have a certified dermatologist to perform delicate skin and body procedures if you'll avail of the services.

Stairway to bliss... upstairs, you will find this cozy nook, a perfect spot for a foot and leg massage.  The Asian-European theme continues on the second level with inspiring quotes from famous personalities stenciled on walls.

They also offer the place for a private SPArty, so go check them out to see if it suits your special occasion needs.

Here are the four private cubicles with curtain enclosures.  Only the first one features a bed and lounge chair, ideal for couples and friends who want to have their pampering session in one room. 

With a tight schedule of running a household, taking and fetching kids to and from school, and doing errands in between, it's a luxury for me to find some "me-time" and indulge even in a quick pampering session.  I grab every chance I get, as you may have read in my past spa features here.

My first visit to Blanca de China was bitin! I wanted to stay longer but mom-duty calls.  I thoroughly enjoyed my head and back massage. It partially eased my lower back pains.  I also had threading on upper lip and eyebrows.  Look for Daphne if you wanna try threading.  She's very careful the whole time.  This is only my third time ever.  Threading stings. No pain, no gain, heehee!

What I love about Blanca De China:
  • Proximity to my residence - lucky me I live less than 10 minutes away!
  • Clean and sterile environment - hope they can maintain this in the years to come
  • Private cubicles for facial and body treatments
  • Cozy and bright lounge area for hand/foot/nail treatments
  • Friendly, knowledgeable and trained aestheticians
  • Uses branded and imported nail lacquers - I like Orly nail polish
  • Very reasonable rates for all types of services
  • Open to private spa parties
  • Offers complimentary tea and cookie after each visit

It was dark on the second level after my massage, so pardon the grainy shot...but look at this lovely tray of tea and cookie! Many thanks to spa owners Terry and Joanne for your warm accommodations.

When I can squeeze in some time, I'm definitely going back!

Note: First, sixth, last photos; and price lists - From Blanca De China Facebook page album.

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