My 3 Things: SoMoms Neva and Janice

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For my third quarter installment of My 3 Things with the SoMomshere are two mompreneurs in the group, sharing their on-the-go essentials. 

It's nice to see the contrast between these two as one can be considered a freshman mom to two young tots, while the other is nurturing her brood of three, which includes a teen.  Here are Neva's and Janice's #my3things.

Neva's #my3things

Breastmilk is best for babies, that's why I strive to pump wherever and whenever I can! I'm really happy that the office I work in has a cool privacy room that moms in our office can use.  My pumping sessions are my mini-breaks from a busy day at the office too.  I always look forward to my pumping sessions and use it to catch up on my reading or FB!  Here's the stuff I need for pumping:

  1. Light reading (magazines or a book) - I like Mindy Kaling's new book, it's an easy read :)
  2. Shaparee Ella Handsfree Bra - a friend bought this from Mamababylove and gave it to me as a gift.  Hands-free pumping rocks!
  3. Manilababy Wet Bag - stores my pump accessories, the bra, a small towel and breastmilk bags.  It's what I carry from my work station to our office's privacy room where I pump (milk).
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Janice's #my3things

My 3 Things are essentials from my last family trip abroad. We were away for three weeks and experienced different weather conditions- sunny and hot days, rainy weather, and cold, dry days. These three things are part of my travel essentials:

  1. Sunnies - Never go on a trip without sunnies. It not only protects your eyes but keeps you looking decent and cool even when your eyebag ridden because of jetlag. Did you also know that wearing sunnies also lessens chances of wrinkles on your face? Well because when you squint because of the sun, you get wrinkly around your eyes and forehead and doing this often they say, can actually cause premature wrinkles! I got this pair, Rayban Clubmasters, during my trip and I love the combination of beige and orange.
  2. By Nature Baby Salve - I always keep this handy at all times and during my trip was not an exception. It's made of natural ingredients and I used it as a lip balm for my whole family! Even with the extreme weather conditions, it kept our lips from chapping.   I also used it as a moisturizer when we would get occasional dry patches of skin due to cold weather, and i used it to soothe itchy skin from rashes or insect bites, even as a first aid for small wounds.
  3. Mustela Agua de Colonia - I brought this entire spray bottle with me on the trip along with a small atomizer to carry in my shoulder bag. The scent is light and fresh, I used this on myself and my 3 kids, even my teen boys since the scent is more refreshing than it is dainty. For the trip I took a break from my usual cologne and just sprayed this light cologne on myself several times during the day. It kept us smelling and feeling refreshed whether it was warm, cool or rainy.
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Do you use any of the stuff they like?
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