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You can only imagine how thrilled the boy and girl were as soon as they saw their names on the book cover!
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I found out about these amazing personalized books from Rone.  Lucky for us, she sent the publishers our way, and so the boy and the girl got their very own storybooks to star in.  Look It's About Me is such a unique find that both adults and kids alike would appreciate.

Between the two, it's the girl who is more of a reader.  The boy has his moods but picks up an adventure book from time to time.  He used to bring home the series of Geronimo Stilton books from the school library, then shifted to art books and reference books.  The Great Space Race was an obvious choice for him when I showed him the titles to choose from.  He has been fascinated with the heavenly bodies and astronomy since he was 2!

When you order a book, you will be sent a form that you need to fill out with a short list of information, which will then be included in your book of choice.  For his book, my boy got to choose two friends to "bring along" and compete with him on his space race.

The Great Space Race also has a version for girls.  As the boy started reading, the girl was equally engaged in the adventure and they both sat down to enjoy the story together.  One bonus activity that all three of us enjoyed was found at the end of this book... 

Have a look - take The Great Space Race book tour here.

I thought the girl version of the space race book would be the choice of my daughter, but I guess she still has a hang-over from her recent birthday celebration. Hence, the Super Duper Birthday Party was her pick.

My girl knows that with books, I will buy one for her anytime, but not with toys.  She's now an early reader and enjoys browsing through the different titles we have at home, and in her classroom.

This birthday party book features different animals, and has bright colorful pages.  She particularly loves the giant birthday cake with her name on it, and the mailboxes where the stork delivered her birthday party invitations.  There was a mailbox with no name, so she decided to put "mommy, daddy" and told me we were invited too! =)

Take a peek inside the Super Duper Birthday Party book - tour here.

What I like about Look It's About Me books:
  • Personalized stories
  • A good tool to encourage kids to read more (since they are the star of the book) 
  • A selection of titles for boys and girls
  • Big size, and hardbound (hard cover)
  • Bright and colorful - attractive for kids
  • Simple storyline, with easy-to-read words
  • Educational, fun, and engaging for young (and not so young) readers
  • A novel gift idea

Any kid would love to see their names and star in their own story books, making this a fantastic gift for any occasion.  I hope the publishers would add more titles soon.

You can view and order their storybooks and other gift items from Look It's About Me website.

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