Baby Steps: Journey to Mommyhood

In less than two weeks, I'd be forty.  I'm still in denial, okay?  Despite the age, I still get asked if I want another baby.  NO. =)

Looking back at the past decade, some of the most significant moments in my life happened - getting pregnant twice, and giving birth to the boy and the girl.  I was blessed to have a healthy and easy pregnancy with both babies.  Sometimes, I wonder what it would be like if there was a third.
Coordinating a wedding at 35 weeks w/ baby #2

That's the only decent photo I have of my pregnant self, thanks to my cousin's wedding (who is now an expectant mom!).  Aside from my cousin, I have a handful of friends who are expecting for the first time, and I share in their joy and anticipation.  Reading their status updates on their social network made me want to share my own experience with them, and reminisce on my own exciting, albeit scary, journey to motherhood.  Moving on, let me share some simple steps I took to prepare for pregnancy.

How I prepared, physically, before conceiving:
  • Complete medical check-up, blood test/chemistry - I was physically fit then (yes, I'm not in shape today), but I also want to be healthy, internally, before I get pregnant
  • Ultrasound and OB consultation - I have an irregular monthly period, hence, this step is important for me to have peace of mind, knowing I am able to conceive
  • Healthy diet - I am underweight (yes, I still am) so I need to eat the right kinds of food and supplements to pepare myself for pregnancy
I was a few weeks shy of being 30 when I first got pregnant.  Aside from my doctor, I only relied on two books, and support from a few friends who already had babies.  I was not internet-savvy then and only check on a few baby sites as reference.

What I did during pregnancy:
  • Regular check-up with OB - a must, to monitor my health and progress, know what to expect, and check baby's development
  • Read books on pregnancy - to better understand the changes in my body, the baby's growth, and verify what doctors tell me
  • Eat like there's no tomorrow - (did I mention I was/am underweight?)  kidding aside, I watched what I ate especially during the final trimester
  • Drink Anmum and lots of water - I get hungry before bedtime so Anmum was my healthy beverage of choice, helped me sleep better too -- and water throughout the day, kept me hydrated and saved me from having pregnancy-related UTI and constipation 
  • Take vitamins and supplements - as prescribed by the OB
  • Work and walk - kept me fit and active, I continued to work and take short walks until my final week
  • Dress up and shop - I enjoyed shopping for a bigger me, and for the arrival of the little one - serious baby shopping began when I hit 5 months after we learned the gender
  • Look up possible baby names on the web - I did not expect choosing a name would be so hard!
Screen shot from my Wellness and Nutrition post for Pregnancy

I'm sure those are not the only things I did to prepare during my infanticipation, but I was semi-clueless as a first-time mom.  I did not learn to take advantage of online sites and never joined any support groups.

If you're pregnant, then consider yourself fortunate.  Nowadays, loads of information are readily available with just a click of a button.  And for soon-to-be moms, one such site that can guide you through this journey is from the only milk I trusted, Anmum milk.
Anmum's website provides mom and moms-to-be with a complete tool that can help them navigate their steps through maternal nutrition, pregnancy, and motherhood.
Screen shot from Anmum.com.ph

Moms will enjoy the site's features such as:
  • Ovulation calendar - to help time and plan your pregnancy
  • 1-Minute Folate Test - track your daily folate intake level with this tool!
  • Get tips and ask questions from Anmum experts - OB, Nutritionist, Pediatrician, and Parenting Expert
  • Healthy recipes - tasty and healthy dishes to satisfy an expectant mom's cravings
  • Support from a community of moms - join the Anmum Mommy Circle on Facebook - facebook.com/AnmumMommyCircle and follow @AnmumPH on Twitter for news and updates
"The website will equip you with convenient tools, which can prepare you for pregnancy and motherhood.  More importantly, it will unite you with a circle of moms who will assure you that you are not alone in your journey through motherhood." - Anmum

Start your healthy pregnancy today! Visit www.anmum.com.ph
Make sure to take 1-minute Folate Test here!

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