Kid-Style: Halloween Costumes 2012

Happy Halloween!

The kids are so lucky these days... with lots of costume parties and treats to usher in halloween.  In my time, we never even celebrate it.  I only get to see Halloween parties on American TV shows.  Well, times have changed, and I wouldn't want to let my kids down.  So here they are, jumping on the halloween bandwagon with the costumes they requested this year.

Unbeatable trio from my girl's class = Catwoman, She-Devil, and Cleopatra

A cross-breed of Skeletor and Grim Reaper, bwahahahaha...

Whether it's DIY costumes, made-to-order, or RTW, it's a chance for the youngsters to express themselves, play dress-up, be in character once a year and just have some fun!

Thanks to my dear friends for sending in photos of their adorable girls and boys in these amazing halloween costumes. =) 

Perfect match -- baby brother with adorable big pumpkin sister.

The SeƱorita, still poised in a bubble.  And look at those red dancing shoes... ready for flamenco!

Watch out, Captain America is coming to your neighborhood!

The Winx fairy is out of the forest and off to trek into the city... 

... under the watchful eyes of... daddy Darth?!? =)

Who will be swept away by this dashing knight in shining armor?

Cuddly fairy Abby Cadabby is a cutie pie in her frilly dress and pom-pom hair. 

 Ako si DARNA! (Pinay Wonder Woman)

This smooth ninja girl is ready for battle... yes, she's a girl ninja!! =)

Coming out party... let's welcome these babies to their first Halloween!

Little Indian warrior... Pocahontas is that you?

Sailor Moon can't seem to decide if she's putting on a headband or her hot pink cosplay locks. =)

Fresh out of the pumpkin patch in his cute bunting.

"Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue."
Double take for this baby in old and borrowed pumpkin costume, and in a new and blue Batman suit!

Kudos to the moms and dads for the fantastic costumes this year!

What's your favorite halloween costume?

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