Toki Q Japanese-style Rotating Barbecue

The country's first rotating barbecue fast food restaurant -- that's Toki Q!
TOKI Q Rotating BBQ (photo from Toki Q)

Toki Q is conveniently located within my neighborhood, so when Jane extended the invite to me, off I went to the intimate blogger mixer held last month, organized by Zodio (more about Zodio before I end this post).  I'm glad I attended since I really enjoyed everything that they served us.

See that rotating contraption above?  It's the rotating griller/broiler that the resto owners imported from Japan. That's were all the yakitori (skewered chicken) and pork belly get their ride around the "barbecue carousel" and get grilled to perfection.

Check out their menu of savory and very affordable Japanese-style BBQ dishes basted in their very own sweet and salty "Toki sauce".  Toki Q offers Combo meals, a'la carte dishes, and even group platters.

I was able to try their Combo 3 (from top to bottom):
  • Chicken Wings - 2 pcs.
  • Chicken Fillet - tender boneless fillets
  • Tontoro Pork -  thinly sliced pork belly
  • Chicken Ball - 3 pcs.
Although my Tontoro was more charred than the other sticks, I still enjoyed it more than the balls. Everything was very tasty and flavorful.  I really liked the taste and doneness of the meats, plus, they offer unlimited rice with the combos, so you'll definitely have a full and satisfying meal!

MENU from Toki Q

For the food quality and price, Toki Q is a far better, and healthier, alternative to your typical fast food fare.

Aside from my hearty Combo 3 meal, I also got to try their extras:
  • Toki BBQ Corn - Spicy flavored powder on grilled corn, which I still crave from time to time
  • Kara-age - bite-sized glazed crispy fried chicken, a popular Japanese appetizer, which became my favorite at the end of the night

I made sure I left room for dessert 'coz they also offered a favorite of mine - mochi! The only available flavor then was the Black Sesame, which was a winner for me with its chewy bits of caramelized sesame seeds with ice cream.  I had one happy tummy that night! =)

The place is very small though, and can accommodate around 12-14 people only.  Parking is available in front of the resto and at the building's basement.  But I've observed during the event that several customers just order to-go.

So, what's the connection between Toki Q and Zodio?
Zodio is the Philippine’s first social location-based search and reviews platform
  • Users can “Find, Review, and Share” favorite places, from restaurants like Toki Q, to hotels, malls, spas, and other food and service establishments - share on Facebook, email, or even SMS
  • Can pinpoint locations like gas stations, ATMs, other public places
  • Has a gaming feature
  • Rewards for checking – in, reviewing a place, uploading a photo and the like
  • Allows business accounts additional capabilities such as giving discounts to people who view their page
ZODIO community manager Mark; chef Angelo Comsti (right, in blue)
TOKI Q co-owner Wendi, with Nina of Zodio

Download the Zodio application for free at www.zodio.com/app.  Get the app on your smartphones for free! :)  For more info, visit and register with Zodio @ www.zodio.com.

Go try the barbecue at Toki Q then post your photos and reviews on your Zodio account! :)

You can view more of our photos during the fun gathering on my Facebook page.
Here's my girl enjoying her share of my Toki BBQ Corn one afternoon, during the ride from school.

P. Guevara corner Wilson St., San Juan City
Tel.: (632) 425 9867

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