Fun Friday: Virtual Styling and the Rajito Dress

Third Friday of the month:  Contest / Fun Activity

It all began with this 'Fierce and Fancy' look I created with my girl over at virtual styling site Miss-match. 

For those of you who follow the blog, you may have already seen my past features about virtual styling on sites like Miss-match and Polyvore.  Online fashion styling is something that I truly enjoy doing if I get some free time, styling contests included! =)

Last month, there was another promo by Miss-match, and their call-to-action on Facebook was just too hard to pass up:

"Win a pretty Rajito dress for your little princess! Simply create a Rajito Prints Charming look on miss-match by clicking on the link below! Two dresses are up for grabs from House of Laurel."

Who wouldn't want to own a Rajo - in this case, a Rajito?!
All I had to do was choose the dress that matches the style and personality of my girl and create a look around it.  Since she will benefit from the prize if we win, I asked her to pick the dress from the gallery.  She personally chose this Horizon Dress from Rajito.  We then used it to create the look for our entry.  She wanted it really "fancy", hence, my description on our look above.

A few days after the two winners were announced, I received an email from Pierra of Miss-match informing me that my entry won! Of course, I was so thrilled and excited to tell the little lady about it.  After getting all the details, we scheduled our visit to the House of Laurel last September 8.

The day has come to pick a dress.  To tell you the truth, I was more excited than the girl, hahahaha!  I love the fact that I'll be "shopping" with my girl and we'll get to really dress her up and change into very fancy clothes and feel like a "princess" even for just a few minutes.  It's one of best part of having a little girl.  Fun with fashion!

I've never been to the top designer's shop so I was looking forward to seeing lots and lots of beautiful clothes.  And so the real fun begins...

This sexy red dress with striking geometric patterns and peplum greeted us as we entered the shop.  I was very impressed with the clothes on display.

As much as I wanted to browse through the rows of Rajo clothes, the star of the afternoon was the girl who won a Rajito dress.  So let's move on to the kids' section shall we?

Here, we were presented with some very pretty girls' dresses from the from the Spock and Savile Transition 2012 Collection.  The fine fabrics and girly silhouettes, like these pastel eyelet dresses and printed trench, make this line stylishly unique yet very wearable and appropriate for young girls.

The shop attendants were all very accommodating and were happy to bring out more pieces for my girl to try on.  It was a scene that I only see in the movies, and it was actually happening to us that day.  It was surreal!  She can't stop looking in the mirror and posing with the dresses like no one was watching.  Remember her poses here? I swear I don't know where she learned. (Excuse the boots, she was casually dressed for a kiddie party earlier that day.)

This was her first pick from the lot - a unique cream and gray combo with pleated skirt (sorry, I failed to get the name of this party dress).  She already like this one, but was still undecided and overwhelmed with the selection.

She was expecting to win the same berry red dress she picked for our entry, but I didn't see it displayed.  I was not able to get the name of the dress before we went, but after describing it, the fancy dress finally emerged from the production room and she literally lit up!

It's not the same color but it's equally gorgeous! She quickly changed and swirled and pranced like she owned it already! =)
HORIZON Dress in Yves color @ PhP 2,995
"Two Layered Taffeta Dress with Ruffled Sleeves. Dress has crystal beading."

She was so happy that day and we were all smiles at the shop.  I even caught her inside the dressing room checking out the frilly frock from top to bottom before she finally took it off!

The dress is finally hers, all packed and ready.

I knew she felt really special that day... we had so much fun! Many thanks to Miss-match for this fantastic promo, and to Ms. Venise Laurel-Hermano of Rajito for choosing our entry.  All in all, this was one of the more memorable experiences I had with my (not so) baby girl.

Just so you know, for the next few days after taking home the dress, this 5-year-old miss can't stop peeking inside her cabinet!  She kept thinking of occasions and was already planning on when she will wear it.  Good thing she was invited to a children's masquerade ball this coming month and she can finally wear this.  I'll post a photo and update you all after the party.  Now, all we need is to find a pair of fancy silver shoes to go with this fancy Rajito dress.

What do you think of her choice?
Wonder when this mommy will own a Rajo??? :)

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