Lab Series Basic Skincare for Men

A "beauty" post for men. "Dad-Friday" attends a blogger event. A first on this blog. =)

Last month, I was invited to a gentleman's event -- which I thought was weird at first. I realized, I was supposed to bring my husband or a male companion.  I don't know exactly how I was able to convince J to accompany me but I was glad he did, 'coz the products and the whole set-up at the Makati Shangri-la Hotel ballroom was meant for the men. "Dad-Friday" make his debut in the blogging world! Hehehe...

Lab Series is the latest premium skincare line for men, introduced by The Estee Lauder Companies, Inc. They have prepared a special treat for the gentlemen that afternoon.  Basically, I was just there to be the official blogger-escort, and to eat, which I enjoyed very much! =D

As soon as we arrived, we were led to the skin analysis area where Lab Series skin specialists were on hand to assess the men's skin condition and learn about their concerns.  With J, he's very low maintenance and couldn't care less about skin care. He hates putting on any creams or lotions, and the like. It's plain soap and water for him.

We knew he has oily skin. The sophisticated mobile skin analyzer gave the same results, and more - from texture, firmness, cell turnover, and hydration!

To make the long story short, he was recommended a basic skin care regimen for normal-to-oily skin beginning with an oil-control face wash for proper cleansing, an invigorating facial scrub to slough away dead skin, and a light hydrating moisturizer.

Check out the products that J got to help him get started with his simple skin care regimen. I also tried them on my hand to know how it feels on the skin! =)

screen capture from the website
The face wash is very light and foamy.
J seemed fine using it as it effectively washes off dirt and excess oil from the skin. But he didn't like the smell. It smelled like medicine or a sterile hospital room. It's quite unpleasant for me too, but it quickly fades after rinsing. Use twice daily.

screen capture from the website
The gel face scrub smells and feels minty-cool!
It has microbeads that helps unclog pores, removes build-up and dead skin cells. It really invigorates and refreshes the skin after cleansing. Use 2 - 3 times a week.

screen capture from the website

It's a misconception that oily skin doesn't need moisturizing.
All skin types still need moisturizing since it puts back the water and hydrates the skin, and not oil. Moisturizers keep skin soft and supple. This daily hydrator is light and quickly absorbed by the skin, and has a faint mint scent.

I'm so glad we got to attend and introduce J to Lab Series Skincare for Men.  This is his very first set facial care products and I am optimistic that he will stick with it (with my constant reminders of course!) as it promotes healthy skin and good grooming -- and anti-aging too. 

That tagline up top said it best - this is skincare simplified for men. Lab Series offers different variants to suit every man's skin type and condition.

Learn more about Lab Series skincare products thru www.labseries.com and on Facebook.
Visit their counters in Rustan's Makati and Rustan's Shangri-la.

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