Family Friday: Shoes and Poses

Second Friday of the month: Kids / Parenthood

"Ooh...what's that? Can I borrow you shoes mommy?"

I never thought she'd notice my wedge pumps when she came into our room. I was more surprised when she asked to borrow it!  This photo above was the one I posted on Facebook last Sunday, with this shout-out: "Look who's trying them on!!! Should I be worried?"

So, should I?

At that moment, I was just amused and quickly grabbed my camera. I took a few shots while she's invading my shoe cabinet as she continued asking if she can borrow them. I knew this would make a nice blog post for today.

To be honest, I did panic for a few seconds there, but at the back of my mind, I knew we'll be having more episodes of this kind in the years to come -- having found a common love for shoes, and I love it! (I can't say the same for daddy, hehehe!) =>

As early as 2 1/2, she has already asserted herself through her choice of clothes and footwear. She knows what she wants and will try anything to get what she wants. That's why I avoid buying her things without her seeing them first. Here are more recent online purchases that she chose herself.
(Saltwater sandal photo capture from Amazon.com)

I don't know what came into her that day. Out of the blue, she just wanted to check out my shoes and started trying them on! After this, she paraded around the room laughing.

The girl is now 5 1/2 years old. And speaking of parading, aside from her early love of shoes, what amuses us more is her knack for posing. Both my husband and I are still baffled since no one in the family acts like this for the camera! I know she didn't took after me 'coz I was never comfortable posing for photos. Just take a look at these photos I collected:

At a studio with cousins... for her solo, she chose to have that umbrella. While seated, she's trying to find a comfortable pose as she crosses her legs, and ended up with her feet floating off the floor!

This "neck-breaking" pose as I call it, started it all. Two Christmases ago, she and a cousin got matching pink suede boots from grandma. And she loves matching it with her pink ruffled bolero a'la Brittany of the Chipettes (chipmunk).

Don't ask me how she learned to pose this way!
FYI - she chose these two looks, from the crown hairband, to the tutu, down to the leggings and shoes.

There are days when some of her plush toys would make an appearance with her on the photo, and used as an accessory of sorts. Here's her "wolfie" hanging out with her, literally.

I know, I know... it's bad for anyone to sit on the dining table, but this girl couldn't care less and stretched her legs to pose for me at a Christmas dinner in a restaurant! Big brother didn't mind at all.

Total opposites:
The awkward "here's my big toy" pose by the boy, vs. the girl's "look at my magnificent orange T-Rex" pose with matching palm gesture under the dino's face!

"Ooohh...fancy!"  She likes saying "oooohhh". This was one of her "Look of the Day" last week and she insisted on toting a plush flower purse to go with the outfit and sandals she got as gift from aunt J. I took advantage and asked her if I can take a shot. She made it very easy for me.
Posing like a pro, don't you agree? =)

Well, this is unrelated but the boy likes wearing muscle tees, and the print on this (over-sized) one got my attention. I would like to end this post with this disclaimer:

Oh, the joys and woes of parenting! =)

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