Shell FuelSave Moms' Driving Challenge with Ford

This is one of the best blogger events I've attended -- a unanimous conclusion among us who participated in this super-charged activity specifically designed for driving mom bloggers. It was a memorable day!

When I received the invitation to the Shell FuelSave Mom Bloggers' Driving Challenge last month, I was so happy I was free that day and quickly said yes. I enjoy driving and I am confident about my driving skills. This event is something different and I knew this is gonna be fun! More than that, I learned that my friend Rowena of Animetric's World will be joining as well so we immediately decided to team up.

Fast forward to the event proper:
The activity became a whole day affair which began with a presentation by Shell executives during brunch at UCC in Burgos Circle, BGC.
Ms. Arlene Manalo and Ms. Rona Baes

The research-based presentation was an eye-opener for me since I learned some very interesting facts about fuel economy, driving habits, and lessons on fuel efficiency. I really liked what Ms. Arlene pointed out -- Shell is a fuel company and it earns from our consumption, so why teach consumers how to save fuel?  Her answer is simple: "Fuel is a finite resource." We all need fuel, and it won't last forever. We have to do our part to save what we have now for the future generation.

Some facts about Filipino drivers:
  • 9 out of 10 are willing to change their driving behavior in order to save on fuel
  • 30% choose fuel that improves fuel economy while 61% choose what the vehicle guide recommends
  • 18% say they already save fuel when they drive
  • With savings from fuel, 53% would pocket the money while 37% will use it to buy everyday items

Here's the illustration on 5 Fuel Saving Tips Practiced by Filipinos:
I've been driving for 9 years now (with an automatic) but I don't think I'm an educated driver when it comes to fuel-saving techniques. I really need to follow these tips and drive more efficiently.

Ford Group Philippines followed with a presentation from their communications AVP, Ms. Anika Wycoco. The Ford Fiesta was unveiled at this point, and everyone really felt the excitement to take the wheel and drive for the challenge! 

4 automatic Ford Fiesta vehicles were parked and ready for our group. Ms. Wycoco explained that the all-new Ford Fiesta is made with tougher exterior body, is loaded with smart technology complete with voice-activated features, equipped with PowerShift 6-speed dual clutch automatic transmission which improves fuel efficiency by as much as 10%. Very impressive for a car of it's class.

We should all learn from the experts. Driving tips to remember:
Ms. Wycoco summed up the presentation by saying "Fuel efficiency is not just (about) the car, it's not just the fuel... it's also how you drive." Amen.

What's nice to note is that the organizers recognize the important role of Filipino mothers when it comes to managing the household budget -- that includes allocation for "gas money" or car fuel. Being educated on fuel economy will really help us save and maximize our budgets.

Let's move on to the highlight of the event:
Mom bloggers' Driving Challenge, composed of 4 pairs.

Each pair was given a team card, a guide booklet, a Blackberry, and assigned to a Ford Fiesta with a full tank of Shell FuelSave gasoline.

Our task:

  • Stop at 3 designated areas to shop for the party needs
    • Bonifacio High Street, Rockwell, and Greenbelt - in no particular order
  • Plan our own route to cover all 3 areas
  • Upon arrival at each location, teams must take a photo and upload onTwitter with the hashtag #ShellFuelSave (can also post on Facebook)
  • Plan and shop for party needs (see Task above) with P3,000 budget
  • Teams have 2 1/2 hours to complete the rounds up to the final stop
  • Last stop is at Shell Fort Station for the gas-up and kilometer check
  • Fuel economy is the main criteria to determine the winner (see Criteria below)
After the gas-up, we have to return to our starting point at Burgos Circle and prepare our party presentation for the judges.
We're TEAM B, with the white Ford Fiesta.

Our game plan:
Rowena was very familiar with the area so we agreed that she should be the designated driver. I must admit, while I do drive pretty well, I still get lost in Makati and BGC areas since I don't frequent this side of town.  I took on the lead for the party needs since I have an 8-year-old boy and we based our party concept around him.

We're all set.
Driving challenge starts now!

As soon as we got in our Ford Fiesta, we familiarized ourselves with the features and made adjustments before we started the car.
  • It has comfortable seats, and has enough leg room for me, which I like.  
  • Interiors are sporty and very modern in design, with all-leather seats and multiple compartments for extra storage space. 
  • On the photo below, left, you'll notice a pull-out under the passenger seat -- it's a shoe compartment! That's perfect for lady drivers who change shoes before driving (for keeping slippers and driving shoes). =)
  • Dashboard is streamlined and the center panel looks sleek and really high-tech, with all the press-buttons and dials. I guess the design was too unique for us since we were not able to find the door lock function, and was not able to use the radio and voice activated features, hehehe...  
  • Airconditioning was perfectly cool! We did not hesitate to use the aircon all the way since it was scorching that day (so no savings for us on that part!)

With moderate traffic that day, the drive was pretty smooth and parking at each location was a breeze, thanks to automatic transmission. 

We decided to go to Bonifacio High Street as our first stop, and bought some of the party loot at Fully Booked.
First Stop: Bonifacio High Street

Next, we proceeded to National Bookstore in Greenbelt to complete all our supplies and non-food items. That's when we finalized our "Superheros" theme for a boy's party based on the available materials at the bookstore. We did not have time to source from other stores.
Second Stop: Greenbelt

Finally, we headed to Power Plant in Rockwell to buy the party food, juice drinks, and the birthday cake.
Third Stop: Power Plant Mall (Instagram c/o Rowena)

After completing our list, and with a few pesos to spare, we dashed off to the Shell Fort station for our kilometer check and gas-up. We were second to arrive.  Game over.

At this point, I took the wheel and got to drive the Ford Fiesta back to our starting point to prepare for the presentation.
Final Stop: Gas-up and fuel check, at Shell BGC

Team B presents: Superheroes Party for Birthday Boy who turns 8

Here's the "score card":
Team A: Winning team - Kris and Jackie

Team A won with the shortest distance travelled while accomplishing the task at hand. Congratulations! Our Team B placed 2nd. Yey!!! Each of us won gift certificates from Sodexho, The Spa, The Mind Museum, and gas voucher from Shell -- worth over P10,000! One whole day very well-spent on this event!
Team B: Second Place - Rowena and Michelle

We were very pleased with our performance that day. I have to commend my partner, Rowena, for her efficiency in planning our route and for driving smoothly despite the temptations of revving up to overtake some road hazards along the way, LOL! The photographers and videographers even admitted that they had a hard time catching up with us while on the road. Watch the video they took below and see for yourself (at 1:56 mins.) as our car passed a few jeepneys through mid-day Makati traffic! =)

(L-R) Ford's Patty and Anika; mom bloggers - Chats, Cookie, Noemi, Corrine, Rowena, Michelle, Jackie, and Kris; Rona from Shell

This mom bloggers' driving challenge would not be possible without the Shell FuelSave project.  As part of Shell's global campaign to educate motorists on how to save fuel, they launched Target One Million.

Everyone is invited to register and participate by playing interactive, online mini-games like the Shell FuelSave Challenge, and become 'one in a million'. There's even a Global Leaderboard to see track the number of plays. More games will be released in the coming months which you can share on your social network, like Facebook. Register here and start playing now!

To recap, watch this short video with highlights from our eventful Shell FuelSave driving challenge with Ford Fiesta, and learn how you can be 'one in a million' to help save fuel.

Again, many thanks to EON, Ford, and Shell for making us a part of this note-worthy campaign!

View more photos on the album here on my Facebook page. =)

Video and un-watermarked photos courtesy of EON communications agency.
Ford Fiesta car photo grabbed from Ford Fiesta Philippines Facebook Page.

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