Family Friday: First Day of (Senior) Kindergarten

"She started school this morning,
And she seemed so very small.
As I walked there beside her
In the Kindergarten hall...
And I must share my little girl
With friends and work and play;
She's not a baby anymore -- 
She's in Kindergarten today."
(First Day of Kindergarten School Poem, author unknown)

Book project in school: Author's Page, from her book about birds

That poem above resonates with me.  First day of school is always bittersweet.
Next week, my girl will be in Senior Kinder (or whatever they're calling her level this year, due to the K+12 adjustment in school systems).  This will be her final year before going to the next (big school) level.

Her parachute experiment with the fan and a plastic bag

I have to confess... I'm the one who experienced more separation anxiety than the kids, especially during their first two years of going to school.  Before, I found myself lingering longer outside their classrooms, trying to take a peek though the viewing glass, wondering if they've settled in, or if they're still about to cry...those were the days.

My cousin, who's a pediatrician, once told me, "wag ka nang lumingon, umalis kana" (don't look back, just leave).  Therefore, I pass on the same advise to first-time "stage parents" when bringing your youngsters to school:  As soon as you bring them in, try to leave them as soon as you can, turn and walk away from the classroom, and don't look back. Oh yes, it's hard!

What I've observed is the more we linger, the more they cling and sometimes cry, knowing we're still there waiting and ready to take them away. You're lucky if your child is excited and quick to adjust to the new routine.  Eventually, they got older and know what to expect already. And I also got used to just dropping them off from the main entrance, or the gate! Hahahaha!

"Mommy, I'm not a baby anymore..." -- that's her standard retort as she smiles coyly, whenever I call her endearingly as "baby" or "baby girl". My reply is also standard: "I know... but you'll always be my baby girl!"

Moms and dads, have your little ones started school already?  How's your first day of school? :)

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