Fun Friday: Images of Summer

I can't believe summer season will be over in just less than two weeks! It seemed like only yesterday when the kids were counting down to their last day of school and looking forward to "doing nothing" all summer long.

This is my last Fun Friday post for the season and it would be nice to share this collection of images from our summer this year.

We never plan on enrolling our kids to any academic enhancement classes, or anything remotely close to studying during summer break -- like reading or math programs, writing workshops, etc.  They have 9 months of school for that. It's vacation time and I would not want to be doing anything similar to studying when I was a kid, so why let my kids go through that right?  Only arts, music, and sports for them (if they like) -- something fun and recreational. But that's just us. To each his own, as long as the kids are willing and are having fun at their classes, then go for it.

We try to keep them preoccupied with a simple and stress-free schedule for the summer, with certain days assigned to specific activities that they can look forward to. You know, it's even more challenging for us when the kids are home than when they're in school. So...

Arts and crafts, chores, cooking, baking, drawing, play dates, movie and TV time, gadgets/video games, storytelling, swimming, and more!

Our Summer in Photographs

The girl learned about books in school, and here, she proudly presented her mini picture book (one of many that she did this summer!) with her favorite animals -- all written and illustrated by M.

Visiting relatives in Nuvali and enjoying their first swim for this summer.

Getting into the Easter mood with coloring a bunny...

... and egg painting.

Hot summer days call for a cool soak in the inflatable pool... 
wading and playing with daddy one day, and fun with cousins the next.

The boy finished his Cartoon classes from Global Art and improved his skills in drawing.

He also got try clay art with his Global Art teacher -- Happy Meal anyone?

Another play date at a bigger inflatable wading pool with slide.

One super hit "outdoor" date is an afternoon here at Kidzville Play and Party Center...

... and the kids want to go back again, and again!

Year-round taekwondo class for the boy... 
practicing his moves for his promotion to black belt...soon!

Baking time -- Chocolate-chip cookies!

Who can forget this one fine summer day when The Avengers dropped by the house?! =)

Can't escape doing some chores...
When our house help went on vacation, the girl chose to assist by mopping our bedroom floor.

The boy took wiping tables to heart!

Having their first taste of refreshing Masatami Shave Ice at the mall

Some lazy mornings spent cuddling in bed... and making funny faces! =D

And to cap off our "uneventful" summer break is a weekend at Pico de Loro. It was rated first class, but the food fell a bit short of being that.  What we all enjoyed was the clean beach, the kids' play room, and of course, swimming 'til we all had wrinkled toes and fingers!

I got the Deal Grocer coupons for our 2-night stay at Pico Sands Hotel

Lagoon view from our spacious, minimalist room

A beautiful Friday afternoon at the Beach Club before the weekend crowd arrived...

... having one end of the beach all to ourselves...

Taking the free shuttle ride that took us from hotel, to country club, to the beach club

Final swim at one of several infinity pools at the Country Club

A few more happenings are lined up in the coming days... summer ain't over just yet! :)

This post was published today at 8:35 a.m. We went to The Mind Museum after lunch.

We've been invited to the museum's exhibit testing last year, and then I was also able to go to The Mind Museum preview last February. So, this has been a much anticipated trip ever since my kids went to the exhibit testing with me.  As promised, we went before the end of summer, and here are just a few snapshots of our exciting afternoon at the first science museum in the country.

Meeting Stan... too bad Stan the T-Rex was cut-off in this photo with me! :<

So curious about pre-historic animals...

Had fun doing wacky poses and overstayed in the Shadow Box

Fighting over the laser harp... learn to take turns!!!

Pointing to his star in the gallery -- I lit and named a "star" in the solar system for each of my kids. We are officially a Donor of The Mind Museum. =)  It all started here.

In a bubble!

What about you, how's your summer?

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