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May is My Mom-Friday's blog anniversary month and I really did not plan on anything fancy this year. This humble blog of mine turned 3 years old last May 9.

After hitting a roadblock a couple weeks ago, I decided to check on my photos and browse old posts to get inspiration for today's entry. If you notice, I don't really post much photos of myself nor do I share personal stuff about me on the blog. I'm just not the type. So, to shake things up a bit, and as part of my blog anniversary, here's something that I thought you may like, or want (or wouldn't have wanted, hehe) to know. I've been meaning to re-post this old list, which I thought was gone forever after I deleted it from my Facebook Notes where I first wrote it, and from this blog.  
Yes, it was published here already. Confused? Read on...

Indulge me on this one please. Here's the back story:

While I was tinkering on my Wordpress account over a week ago, I was thrilled to see this old post I was looking for. It was part of my earlier posts imported to Wordpress when I was still experimenting with a platform. Published last June 2009, I ended up deleting the whole text since I felt that I spilled too much of myself on this list even if I have only a handful of readers at that time.
I believe I've gained a good following since I first published it, and I'm now more open to share it again (with some minor editing, heehee).
I realized that by posting it here, permanently, it would be a constant reminder of how I was then, how I changed, and what I have accomplished so far. Shallow as it seem, they bring fond memories that I intend to treasure and never forget.

This list is purely for laughs, and maybe stir up some of your own experiences and reminisce with me. If you're born in the 90's, you might not be able to relate to most parts on the list, sorry! :)

Again, here's my random list of craziness and misadventures from my 'wonder years'. Happy reading everyone!

Reminder:  This was written on February 12, 2009.
Facebook Note introduction:
Here are some 25 trivia/info about me (my old friends can surely relate to many from the list).  I believe most FB users are familiar with this. Treat it like a page from a grade school 'slumbook' that we used to pass around then, and get a sneak peek at my past, present, and future.

25 Random Things About Me (Mom-Friday)

1. Nicknames: Michelle, Mikaela, Mitch, ML (and 2 more nicknames which only my old friends know and call me to this day! :p )

2. I am NOT:
A morning person, a bookworm, nerd, religious, theatrical, political, fitness buff, sporty, left-handed, brand-conscious, trendy, techie.

3. Underweight forever!
Reached 100 lbs. during sophomore year in college; reached my ideal weight post-partum; reached overweight status only during pregnancy.
(Believe me, i'm not thrilled. The level of frustration for overweight people trying to lose, is the same for a super underweight like me trying to gain. Go ask another skinny person, I'm telling the truth!)

4. I have a strong intuition. Friends say ESP/6th sense. It scares and amuses me sometimes. I also follow my gut most of the time especially when making decisions.

5. Used to collect:
Stamps, stickers, stationary, all things Sanrio (Look, I still have my Sanrio Club ID from 1980!).
I still have most of my toys and trinkets, clips and pins, in perfect condition. I'm happy my kids will now get to enjoy (read: break/destroy) them. :D

6. I am sentimental -- can't seem to let go of some things from the past, maybe bordering on being a pack-rat. I'm trying really hard to stick to the 2-year life cycle of things.

7. In High School (allow me reminisce):
Enjoyed attending soirees and G.A.P. parties; crazy afternoon trips w/ friends to Tia Marias for a Zombie pitcher and nachos; hanging out in Greenhills commercial center, and window shopping at Sari-Sari Store (the first concept store housing various local designers)... those were the days.

8. More on HS:
Always assigned to alto voice during programs, and was labeled the "MacGyver" by our guidance counselor.

9. In HS still:
I'm one of the designated hairdressers/"braider" every C.A.T. day and gets to spray tons of AquaNet on my classmates' neatly braided hair. And I just remembered while I type this... I choreographed a C.A.T. demo performance and composed a batch cheer for the Intramurals (giving myself pat on the back now).

10. In College:
If I can't hitch a ride, I usually traveled to school by jeepney, bus, and LRT = got my necklace snatched 2X, and almost got bag-slashed one time

11. More on College:
A Marketing Management major; named as "Ms. MarkAdv" by Prof. Nards (5 stars!), which eventually inspired me to pursue a career in advertising.

12. I hate, hate, hate accounting and finance subjects; and most importantly... got my first taste of Cuervo Gold Tequila during an out of town trip with my college gang and I'm forever changed, hahaha!

13. 80's - Learned to cook, bake, sew, crochet, cross-stitch, and swim (in HS, again)

14. 90's - Learned to use MS Office, badminton, and bowling; enjoyed bar-hopping and karaoke; went into advertising; got into events and wedding planning.

August 2000 -- I wore braces then!

15. '00s - Learned to play billiards; learned to drive (a month after I gave birth to my eldest); opened a small ad agency; got married in '02; had 2 kids, and lost more weight since then. :(

The boy and the girl -- July 2008

16. Old Hobbies:
Old-fashioned scrap-booking (if only you can see my high school albums), baking, cross-stitching, stamp-collecting, embroidery, craft-making (last four was influenced by mom), collage and edit photos with Photoshop, jewerly-making with beads and crystals, sketching/fashion design.

17. New Hobbies:
Not enough time to indulge, unless Facebook and doing grocery with kids count, then, those are my hobbies. =)
(Update: Now, there's blogging, taking photos of my kids, Pinterest, and Twitter too!)

18. Our goal (my husband and I):  Travel and explore the 7 wonders of the world.
1 down (The Great Wall), 6 more to go. Any sponsors? :D
Souvenir shot from one of the towers - Great Wall of China, December 2002

19. I was a breastfeeding mom.
I tried with my eldest, but failed. I tried again and succeeded with my second - from birth to 18 months! It's one of my greatest personal accomplishments. I also learned some sign language to teach both of my toddlers.

20. I'm a reality TV show and lifestyle show junkie; I go for romantic comedies; can appreciate all kinds of music except country, folk, heavy metal; can appreciate a wide variety of cuisines -- I love to eat!

21. Fainted in the toilet; fainted by the bedroom doorway; fainted in front of my son when I fetched him at school! (It's safe to say I'm bordering on being anemic!)

22. My husband was able to influence me to watch his shows - from South Park to Star Trek series, SNL to Rome. I think I influenced him to watch Ellen, American Idol, and Sex and the City, among others.

23. I prefer:
Dogs over cats. Summer than rainy season. Cakes over ice cream. Chocolate over candy. Red over white wine. Pizza over burger. Pasta over rice.

24. Longest time I've been awake - 26 1/2 hours during a shoot. 
Shortest sleep time - 1 hour in between night time breastfeeding
Longest road trip (in a jeepney, on a dirt road at that!) - 14 hours to Sagada (or was it 16 hours?)
April 2000 -- conquering Sumaguing Cave and Big Falls of Sagada

25. Last but not least...
I believe in the Golden Rule, and Karma.
I'm a strong believer of asking God for signs to give you answers.

Here are a couple of comments I received from Facebook:
Avie : yehey! tapos na rin (finished at last) haha, i laughed aloud at #21 - it runs in the family ata!
Reply : hahaha...onga e! parang kulang tayo sa dugo (yeah, seems like we lack blood) and oxygen to hold us up hahaha :D
Sharon : #21 y were you fainting? actually they should call you DIY grabeh ang dami mo ginagawa ang dami mo gusto ang dami mo skills (wow you're doing a lot of stuff, likes so many things, so many skills) hahaha pass some on to me :)
Reply : hehe, many asked about #21 so here are the causes: Dismenorrhea. Dismenorrhea. Stomach flu (?). naku Sharon, puro DIY nga ako kaya walang natatapos...puro hilaw (mostly Do-It-Yourself, that's why I don't finish anything, all half-baked), so i want to pursue or take lessons just to master at least 1 or 2 skills.

Go make your random list too and share some not-so-known tidbits about you as well!

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