Techni-Ice Reusable Hot and Cold/Ice Pack

Traditional ice pack, ice wrap, gel ice pack, hot and cold gel packs, we have them all. Having very active kids in the house, getting bumps and bruises of all sizes are inevitable, so ice packs remain the most used tool for first aid, aside from plaster strips!

When I received my samples of heavy duty reusable Techni-Ice dry ice packs, I began reading about the product and knew how I'm going to use it.

I'm really happy I got more than just ice packs:
  • Use for first aid - hot or cold compress
  • Keeps food warm, and drinks cool, during travel
  • Will help keep my frozen goods from thawing out in the freezer when blackouts strike

I am anticipating power outages this coming summer season in country.  Remember, Techni-Ice is like dry ice, so having frozen Techni-Ice ready is perfect to help extend the freshness of my frozen meats and other items in the refrigerator when there's no electricity!

It's very convenient, safe, easy to use, durable and long-lasting. Made in Australia, each sheet has 24 cells that you can cut to size to fit your specific needs.

For this purpose, I cut out 2 cells.  With the help of my girl, we hydrated it as instructed on the packaging (see above). It took about 5 minutes for the cells to swell. Then freeze. 

This small handy piece is on stand-by especially for my girl 'coz not a week goes by that she doesn't get a bump on her head, or bruise on her legs -- and she knows it!

I have to say, I like everything about Techni-Ice.

I highly recommend that each household have a sheet, or two, since you can use it in many ways.
For breastfeeding moms, you can safely store and bring along bottled expressed breastmilk along with some cold packs of Techni-Ice to keep it chilled while traveling!  Even food establishments can benefit from this innovative product.  And it's so affordable at only PhP250 per sheet!

Check out other applications of Techni-Ice hot and cold packs.

Unfortunately, this is not yet available in retail.  Order your Techni-Ice here:

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