Rwo Shur Foot Reflexology at The Reflex Zone

RWO SHUR Health Method of Reflexology, also known as Taiwanese-style reflexology, is distinctive for its use of very firm pressure that focus beyond relaxation to detoxification and revitalization.  This natural healing method was developed by Fr. Josef Eugster, a Swiss missionary in Taiwan, over 30 years ago.

Foot map illustrates the reflex zones on the feet
I became a believer of reflexology and acupressure after my first exposure to the methods when I was in high school.  We had a brief introductory course as part of our P.E. subject and I was instantly fascinated by this holistic healing technique of pressing reflex points for better health.

Reflex points, refer to location and numbers on the Foot map up top

Reflexology - natural form of therapy that uses the application of pressure to specific reflex points on the feet, which correspond to all the different glands, organs; works through the nervous system to heal all parts of the body.  Benefits include:
  • breaks up crystalline deposits of uric acid, calcium, and lactic acid on different areas of the feet
  • clears blockages and toxins from corresponding body parts
  • pain and stress relief
  • improved blood circulation
  • restoration of overall balance
  • prevention of many common diseases
As soon as I received the invite to a reflexology treatment, I looked up the history of internationally acclaimed Rwo Shur health method and learned about founder Fr. Josef. An institute was founded and named after him, Rwo Shur, Fr. Josef's Chinese name. He's a self-taught reflexologist, and over the years he has improved his methods and techniques which helped countless individuals with varying ailments. Clearly, I looked forward to a relaxing treat during the intimate online media day at The Relfex Zone -- the first natural therapy center that brought Rwo Shur Health Method of Reflexology here in the Philippines. 

I missed the pre-treatment luncheon and just went straight to The Reflex Zone in Makati City. The interiors in earth tones are sleek, minimalist, and cozy. Only a few months in operations, the center features five treatment areas with different seating arrangements to suit clients' preferences.

The Reflex Zone consists of an all-male licensed Physical Therapists who all went through extensive training in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia under the Rwo Shur Health Institute International. They are all certified. Why all male?  Well, studies have shown that men are more consistent with applying pressure and does not tire easily.

My blogger friend Jane and I went ahead and occupied the treatment area behind the reception counter. I will now share this photo essay of our first Rwo Shur foot reflexology experience:

Mom-Friday's Signature Peppermint Crystal Mud Foot Soak and Reflexology at The Reflex Zone

1. Peppermint Crystal Mud Foot Soak
This 20-minute foot soak prepares the feet for the actual treatment.
Feet was submerged in warm/hot water (it was the hottest that my feet could tolerate! hehe) then a packet of green "crystal" powder was dissolved -- see how the water transformed to gel within minutes.

It literally felt like stepping into a dense, warm, green jelly slush, but it really felt so nice and relaxing! The soak has a cleansing and moisturizing effects for the feet.

2. Rinse and Foot Scrub
After the invigorating crystal foot soak, step 2 was to pour dissolving solution to the tub of gel.
Dissolving solution and pumice scrub
This white powder "melted" away the gel and turned the foot soak back to it's original green liquid form, like magic!

After which, my squeaky-clean and soft feet were scrubbed and towel-dried. Now they're ready for the main event.

Before the session, I was asked about my current health condition, any sickness or ailments I'm experiencing.  This will help the therapist assess and "attack" specific reflex points on your feet to provide some relief and focus on "healing" those areas of concern, like headaches, sinus problems, insomnia, obesity, hormonal imbalances, and in my case, digestive disorder/constipation and lower back problems.

3. Rwo Shur Foot Reflexology session
60 minutes of precise pressing and kneading of the feet's reflex points left me with a some funny and painful grimace on my face as my licensed therapist Paolo explained the connection of the pressure points to the rest of the body.  Each foot has a different map of reflex zones.

True enough, while I was reading the foot map and reflex points, I felt some pain and stinging sensation on specific points that connect to my problem areas in the body.  The main objective is to clear the blockages for better circulation in the body and ease some of the pain and health issues that I have. 

It's a wrap!

4. Acupressure
After the foot reflexology, we were treated to a few minutes of arm, neck, shoulders and upper back acupressure.

This added service completes the whole experience at The Reflex Zone.

The center also offers reflexology for children aged 5 to 8 years old to relieve and aid in various childhood conditions such as allergies, digestive problems, sleep disruption, and emotional/behavioral problems.

Initially, after seeing the rates, I found the fees quite steep for a foot treatment. But after learning about the natural healing benefits of this 80-minute session, I realized it outweighs the regular full body massage with the same, if not higher, fees. This Rwo Shur foot reflexology experience is worth every peso!

After the session, I felt relaxed, sleepy, and exhilarated at the same time. We were advised to drink lots of water to help flush out impurities, and NOT to wash our feet and wait after 4 hours to do so. Good thing I already took a shower before I went there! ;)

My report:
The detox worked! I did an easy no. 2 in the toilet when I got home. And I slept well that night too -- these were the expected after-effects of the treatment. Amazing!
(L-R) Mom-Friday, Edmar Reyes, Niza Forschler, Jane U.
Special thanks to my friend Niza for the invite, and head therapist Edmar, who shared a brief intro about their signature treatments.  

We were also met by the very young owners of The Reflex Zone, charming couple Alex and Jamie Coyiuto, who discovered and were fascinated by Rwo Shur reflexology from a trip to Malaysia. Thankfully, they decided to bring it in the country and share the wonders and health benefits of this natural and holistic reflexology method.

What's your experience with reflexology?

The Reflex Zone
G/F Narra Building
2276 Chino Roces Ave. (formerly Pasong Tamo Ext.) Makati City
Tel. No. (632) 812 0050
Fax No. (632) 812 0210
Email: info@reflexzone.com.ph
Operating hours: Tuesdays - Sundays 1:00 - 10:00pm

Click photo to enlarge - building is just beside Nissan cars (Mantrade)

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