Fun Friday: Virtual Fashion Styling on Miss-Match

Third Friday of the month:  Hobby / Recreation

Virtual styling has been the perfect outlet for me, being a frustrated designer and fashion stylist.  
"I Love Squarepants" -- my first published look on Miss-Match
First, Mom-Friday got into Looklet.com, it was short-lived...followed by Polyvore (which I haven't even touched yet)... and just recently, after a Tweet from Jennie EppersonI registered with Miss-Match.com.ph -- the first local cyber styling site developed by Fashion Lab.

What do I love most about Miss-Match.com.ph?
  • I can actually buy the brands and items used to "create my look" since all the featured items are available here.  
  • The looks are realistic and achievable.
  • Styling tips and help from designers and fashion experts
  • Trend-spotting
  • I can create a wish list and fill 'my closet' with things I love
Miss-match is what I've been waiting for after I dropped out of Looklet, hahaha...
 Sample looks I made from Looklet.com

Fashion styling has been one of my many interests.  I was just lucky that I've been able to actually be a fashion and production stylist in some of our (low budget) print advertising projects in the past. With these virtual styling sites, I can be a stylist anytime I want and relive my creatively fun experience!

Miss-Match is still in 'beta', or in preview and testing stage, so you can still expect more improvements. I have yet to explore the site myself.

I was happy to receive a welcome letter from them and I did not hesitate to share my initial experience and feedback.  Too bad for me, after my first look was published, all succeeding looks I've successfully created (for hours and hours!), 'publish' and saved (see screen caps below) did not display on my profile nor on the Fashion Feed. :(((  So my Fashion Profile is still showing one look. I guess I need to try and try again...

I really wanted to share what I've been doing so I just took some 'screen-capture' to post here.  When I can squeeze in some time, I create and experiment on looks, also having my little girl in mind.

"Pretty Prim & Proper"
Create, Publish, choose a title, type in details, and Save.
Gingham dress from Zara; sleeveless dress from Rajito

"Weekend Kiddie Party"
Bubble dress with cardigan, matched with gray flats

My wardrobe has been in a fashion rut for God knows how long!  I only bought a few up-to-date pieces over the year and if you see my closet, you would agree that I badly need a wardrobe overhaul.  In the meantime, this cyber styling and virtual shopping on Miss-Match will do for now to keep me inspired while I go find (earn) myself some shopping money.

"Beach Glam"
Rajo dress with woven bag and strappy sandals

"Driving Mama"
Black tunic top over white skinny pants, large tote, and yellow flats

"Rock and Rain!"
Geared for the rain in gray top, boots, and a cheery watermelon-print umbrella

How do you find my looks?
Register with Miss-match.com.ph and start channeling your inner fashionista.  If you happen to like my set/s, share the 'love' and click the button on Mom-Friday's fashion profile.  Happy styling! =)

I'd love to know your thoughts on this post.  If you enjoyed this, feel free to share it!
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