Mom-Grocer: Danesita Cookies - Apple and Figs Strudel

Mom-Grocer: Danesita Cookies

One fine day at the supermarket, I was off to find some snacks for myself (and for the kids too! hehe).  I chanced upon a stack of nicely packaged imported cookies.

I guess it's obvious with this new Mom-Grocer category that I enjoy trying foodie discoveries from the grocery aisles. The latest I bought was a pack of Danesita Apple Strudel.

As I recall, I saw four Danesita cookie flavors:
  • Apple Strudel
  • Fig Strudel
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Brownies
Of course I went for the less common variant.  Chocolate flavors can be quite predictable. 

That same afternoon, I had something new to snack on. You'll smell the freshness once you open the pack.  Each rectangular cookie is about 3 inches and every bite will give you that sweet natural apple flavor complemented by chewy raisins, and a mild fragrant cinnamon spice. One of my fave dessert mix, this time, in cookie form.

If you like your cookies soft and chewy, well, this is like a 2 in 1.  You need to catch the crumbs at each bite. The raisins, apple bits and puree are the chewy parts --  a perfect contrast to the crumbly strudel cookie. This proved to be such a delightful snack for me, with it's fruity mix of textures and natural sweetness. One cookie is definitely not enough.

Danesita cookies are quite pricey for a pack of 8 bars (150g), at P68.50 from Unimart.  Of course I intended for this whole pack to be just for me. Turned out my kids liked it too, except that they asked me to pick the raisins out!  But this is perfect for kids, having (bits of) fruits in a scrumptious cookie.

I am not watching my weight so calorie counting was never in my vocabulary. For those of you who are, just see the numbers and ingredients for yourself if this will pass as a good snacking option. =)

I bought another pack of Apple Strudel, and Fig Strudel too, at my recent grocery trip.  I remember my fondness for Fig Newtons years ago so I tried this cookie flavor. The Fig and Apple variants look and taste similar except the Apple Strudel is more complex with the raisins and hint of cinnamon. Both are yummy but I'll have to choose apple over fig. Maybe I'll try Brownies next time.
@ Php 68.50 / pack (from Unimart supermarket)
What's your latest grocery find?

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