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I rarely spend on cosmetics. I want quick and simple steps to beautify. I do believe in good basic skin care though.  And since I don't put much make-up on, I really need to have nice, healthy skin.  But don't like to "invest" on a full line or range of products and then follow so many steps for application to get the promised results.

I'm not in my 20s anymore (huhuhu...) and lately, I became more conscious of my skin, especially on my face and neck. Over the years, I've kept a very basic regimen of mild liquid cleanser and facial moisturizer, for day and night.  I don't even put on sunscreen (a crime for skin experts)!

Early this months, I was introduced to GoodSkin Labs. Thanks to the fine ladies from Estee Lauder Company (Phils.), I was able to try their unique products and got to know more about this premium skin solutions brand.
Filextra, Tri-Aktiline, Smooth-365 sampler
GoodSkin Labs was created by BeautyBank, a division of Estee Lauder Co.
What differentiates GSL products?
  • produces highly-targeted skincare products with both instant benefits and long term results
  • addresses agin skin's unique needs
  • advanced formulas that ensure real, visible and measurable results
  • products are fragrance-free
  • can be used by anyone to boost their anti-aging skincare regimen
I was very vocal about wanting a low maintenance skin care regimen, with less products to use as possible. BeautyBank's marketing executive Rizel Magno explained that the products are targeted on specific "problems" and assured me that there's no need to change or dump my basic skincare products to be able to benefit from GoodSkin Labs skin treatment line.
Ms. Rizel Magno applying Tri-Aktiline to demo it's instant line-reducing effects
In short, GoodSkin Labs products are like anti-aging spot treatments. One-step, no fuss and easy to use. I like that!  While their innovative skincare line works synergistically to improve the overall quality of your skin, you can simply choose one that you really need and incorporate into your existing skincare regimen.

SRP @ PhP 2,000/tube (est. US$46)

A skin perfecting super serum
            • has clarity-promoting agents for even, luminous complexion
            • latest optical diffusers that counter imperfections, lines, wrinkles
            • power peptides that stimulate collagen production to lift away unwanted lines for smoother skin tone and texture
The cream spreads easily and absorbs quickly that leaves skin velvety smooth.

For best results, apply all over face and neck, morning and night before moisturizing.

Even with just the sampler sachet, I was able to see, feel, and measure the results from using it 2x a day, for the past 2 weeks. I applied a small drop and pressed mainly on my cheeks. I like how smooth and light it felt, AND it did clear up my skin and prevented an impending breakout!

SRP @ PhP 2,800/tube (est. UD$65)

An all-over moisturizer and Facial Revolumizing Treatment
            • Natural Collagen Boosters create more stable skin structure
            • has a potent mix of ingredients to restore youthful skin plumpness/volume, counteracting the "mid-face sink" and thin looking skin
            • tone correctors and optical diffusers provide instant healthy glow and diminish hallows and sunken facial contours
The rich moisturizer leaves the skin hydrated, with a slightly firm feeling on the skin.

For best results, apply all over face and neck, morning and night.

I used Filextra in tandem with Smooth-365, 2x a day, for the past 2 weeks. I squeezed a pea-sized amount, rubbed between fingers, and pressed all over my face and neck.

I have combination skin so I use this sparingly on my T-zone.  After a few weeks, my face did seem to look healthier, skin is not pale and pasty anymore. It worked well under make-up too!

Despite my (major) hesitation to flash and scare you with my face again, I need to show how the products worked for me.

Please focus on the cheek area.
Days before using the products, I already noticed slight redness (signs of growing pimples) on my left cheek.  I used Smooth-365 & Filextra after shower, and took a risk, not knowing if it will aggravate or improve my skin's condition at that time.  Lo and behold, the morning after, the redness subsided. Great right?

I continued to use and observe since the zits might resurface at any time. To my delight, after 2 weeks of continued use, I am still clear of cheek pimples!

Here's the 'Before and After' shots in a span of 9 days, photographed under very similar lighting conditions, without retouching the face.  (I wished those veins can be erased!)
Sorry, my photo did not capture the pasty texture and bump on my skin (on the left).

       Before:  pimple breakout-in-the-making     After:  pimples did not develop; clearer cheeks

This spot on my cheeks has been a problem for me ever since I started having adult pimples in my mid-20s, and resulted in enlarged pores on that area. From time to time, these annoying tiny red dots will make their appearance, which I just try to ignore and hide under face power. 

In my case, I want to banish fine lines, blemishes, baby zits here and there, improve my pale pasty skin and uneven skin tone.  I'm quite satisfied with GoodSkin Labs' potent products which successfully addressed "problem areas" on my face.

So far, Smooth-365 and Filextra are working well with very visible results, and slowly improving my (aging) skin. I guess I have to get the regular-sized Smooth-365 tube now!

A great afternoon of beauty talk with blogger friends and beauty gurus Rowena and Michelle, (Mom-Friday, center), with Rizel and Krishna from Estee Lauder Co.
GoodSkin Labs skincare products are available at selected Watsons Personal Care Stores, Beauty by SM Department Stores and Marionnaud Mall of Asia.

To learn more about these amazing products, head over to GoodSkin Labs' official website.

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