Fun Friday: Horse-back Riding at El Kabayo, Subic

Third Friday of the month:  Travel / Leisure

There are a few not-so-ordinary activities that instantly delight my kids, and it involves horses.

Ever since they had their first close encounter with horses in Tagaytay over a year ago, one mention of a planned out-of-town trip has them picturing a day of riding horses!  Since we can't bring them to Tagaytay every time they clamor for their horsey rides, I just bring them instead to nearby Tiendesitas, a shopping and entertainment complex that offers visitors a quick calesa ride around the center. It's one of their cheap thrills that they couldn't say no to. 

On our recent Subic trip, the kiddies finally went galloping one sunny afternoon at El Kabayo Riding Stables. It's a pretty popular tourist spot in Subic so you could easily find your way there since it's along El Kabayo Road. 

Poised and confident on his brown steed
Of course, mommy and daddy have to ride with the boy and the girl, but the boy insists on riding on his own just like the first time. We're so proud!  I was even more scared for him but he did ride with so much confidence.

We were each provided a riding helmet. My girl did not complain about getting a biker's helmet since it was in her fave pink color!  This was the first time we rode as a family so it's safe to say that it was the highlight of our brief summer trip.
All aboard and ready to ride!
We took the 1-hour leisurely ride by the roadside, with a side-trip to a hidden falls and creek in the forest. It costs P700 per horse (approx. US$16) per hour. We took 3 horses. Sorry I can't recall their names. They offer lower rates for shorter rides with no visit to the falls. We went there around noon -- worst time of the day, it was scorching hot our heads were all sweaty under those helmets! Eeew!

Crossing the make-shift bridge over the creek
The "falls" was a dud. See that thin stream of water flowing down the creek? That's it. We only spent a few minutes there just to feed the kids' curiosity, and ours too! :)))

My hubby J has the camera the whole time since I was riding with my daughter, and so I missed taking photos of the landscape and this magnificent row of old acacia trees that we passed through the forest. It was a postcard moment that I will never forget. Another thing I won't forget was how punishing this ride was on my bum!!! I can't imagine how equestrians do it.
Making our way back to the ranch
El Kabayo Riding Stables house close to 2 dozen horses and offer private riding classes. While writing this feature, I discovered there's an El Kabayo Cowboy Town in Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga. It looked so cool from the pictures. This will be our next destination if and when we decide to treat the kids to their favorite outdoor adventure! They will be thrilled to the max!

One final shot before we left the stables.  Girl waves, "bye horsey!"

El Kabayo Riding Stables
El Kabayo Road, Binictican
Subic Bay Freeport Zone

El Kabayo Cowboy Town
Clark Freeport Zone

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