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"McDonald's!" That's the default answer I'd get when I ask what the family likes for (fast food) delivery.  It's getting to be a "tradition" of bonding over burgers and fries! 

I know, I know, it's bad.  I try really hard to limit our fast food consumption to twice a month. It's usually either a tub of Jollibee Chicken Joy or McDonald's hamburger meals for delivery. Okay, someone will shoot me for using those two burger joints in one sentence! (LOL!) But it's true, those are our usual orders.

Last weekend, even with the phone just a few feet way, hubby decided to check McDonald's online from his iPad and bingo!  McDelivery Online. Dinner solved.
McDelivery Online - Register here
3 quick and easy steps and you're done!

What amazed us was the fact that after just about 2 minutes from completing our online order, we got a call from McDonald's to confirm our orders. And within 20 minutes, our burgers and fries arrived at our doorstep! Dinner is served.
Email confirmation of orders too!
It was such a coincidence that I got this email a day before so I thought I'd share these tips from McDonald's and Nuffnang for all you folks taking a road trip. Great ideas for those traveling with kids too this summer break!  
Keep your journey fun and exciting with these creative things to do:
  • Play the car plate game  - See how creative your friends are by giving meanings to the alphabets written on the plate of the car in front of you (i.e. WLS 123 = Women Love Shopping)
  • Count cars - Make your friends choose a car make/brand. Once everyone has chosen a brand, try to compete with each other by counting the number of cars of your choice that pass by.
  • Take Pictures - To keep your travel journal more interesting, try to take pictures of funny signages, fascinating people and breathtaking view.
  • Play What's Next - Pick an interesting topic (i.e. animals with 2 legs).  Then take turns naming one thing/animal/person that belongs to the group/topic. Person who couldn't answer loses.
  • Spot the yellow car - Keep your kids on the lookout by spotting yellow cars. The one who spots the most number of yellow cars in 3 minutes wins.
  • Keep quiet - Try to find out how patient your kids are by being mum for several minutes. The one who utters a word first loses. (We call this the "Quiet Game" and have the kids play this when they're getting too loud and distracting to the driver.)
  • Alphabet game - Take turns naming a country, animal, or city that begins with the letter "A" followed by "B" and so on.
  • Eat - Playing all those fun games can make you really hungry.
Turning 7 years old last November, he only requested to dine at McDonald's to eat cheeseburger and fries!
Let me just say this is not a sponsored post! :) We're just regular happy customers, whether dine-in, drive-thru, or via delivery, McDo is top-of-mind, especially for the kids.

Thank you for dropping by. 
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