Active Ambassadors Academy: Holistic Preschool Education

"Nurture and educate young children to be equipped with skills and knowledge for them to become globally competitive and successful ambassadors of positive change." - AAA

During a visit to Active Ambassadors Academy (AAA) earlier this month, some mom bloggers and I got to meet the wonderful and dedicated people behind this new educational institution located in New Manila.  We were introduced to the school's unique programs that cater to preschoolers aged 2.6 - 5.5 years old within a small class size.  For parents who are currently scouting for a preschool for your little ones, I'd like to share what impressed me most about AAA and hopefully enlighten you on what to look for in a preschool.

To be honest, there are so many pre-schools than big schools nowadays and for parents who have school-aged kids like me, this becomes a major predicament -- "which school shall I enroll my kid in?", "what type school is best for my child?", "what do I look for in a preschool?".  These are just a few of the many questions that run through our heads as we search for the right school for our children.

So what makes AAA different from the many reputable preschools out there?

Active Ambassadors Academy is a newly-established preschool that incorporates effective and specialized supplementary educational programs which distinguishes them from other preschools.
AAA is a merger of Active Brain Inc. and Dash Cultural Educational Institute, both providing quality supplementary education programs.
The preschool is part-traditional, part-progressive school applying effective strategies of traditional teaching methods while having students engage in discovery and experiential learning.
For me, their strength lies in having the best of the following programs for its curriculum, designed to equip young children with vital competencies in English, Math and Chinese:

MI Kids Multiple Intelligences Program - involves the development of the Eight Intelligences:
  1. Linguistic intelligence
  2. Logical-mathematical intelligence
  3. Visual-spatial intelligence
  4. Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence
  5. Musical intelligence
  6. Interpersonal intelligence
  7. Intrapersonal intelligence
  8. Naturalist intelligence

According to their site, "Mikids Program offers English, Math, Science and Moral Education in English to help children acquire good language and cognitive skills, and also to inculcate strong moral values in young children."

Dash Chinese Language Program -  developed their own Chinese language etymology and applied the Chinese Character Canon which is a globally accepted method of effectively teaching and learning Chinese.  The method incorporates singing and poems, integration of character recognition, phrasing, accurate intonations, among others.

Handiworx - Life Skills Program
A one-of-a-kind program that will impart practical lessons to young children and help them express creativity and develop independence.

AAA aims to provide a holistic education using "varied approaches to facilitate learning to address the needs of unique individuals with varied learning styles, intelligences, skills and interests."
Dash CEI founder Sofia Chua and partner Carol Villacruz, head of Active Brain Inc.
AAA Core Values
Resilient (I can do it)
Determined (Practice makes perfect)
Global Thinkers, Proactive Leaders (Possibilities are endless
Generous (Dare to care and share)
Environmental (Think clean, think green)
Humble Servants (Love your neighbor)
Christ-like (Live for Christ)

Supplemental programs are also available to enhance the total learning experience of the students.: Chinese Character Canon, and SIP Abacus & Mental Math Brain Training program

SIP Abacus aids in the "development of a mental abacus in the child’s mind, thereby enhancing visual-spatial competency, concentration, math skills, and learning ability." It teaches kids how to overcome their fear of numbers, stimulate the brain and increase mental alertness and concentration, sharpen auditory skills, and many more!

kids at work with their handy abacus
To see it to believe, right?
Well, if there's speed-reading, then these students showed us the way in what I call 'speed-computing' using the knowledge and skills they've acquired with SIP Abacus mental arithmetic.

Watch this video with the training director of SIP Academy Phils., Kyra Yap, and be amazed at how the kids can accurately answer!

AAA also has an indoor activity and play area.  But the good news is, they are currently in the process of building their own 3-story campus on the adjacent lot so you can expect bigger and better facilities for a more conducive learning environment.

At the end of the orientation, we were served delicious home-made Chinese dishes cooked by the school's head teachers themselves! Thanks to the team behind AAA for the warm welcome, educational presentation, and the yummy dinner. :) 

Full and happy mommies at AAA!

Learn more about the programs here:

They are currently holding summer programs and classes for kids.

If you are interested to enroll your preschoolers or inquire about the school:
Active Ambassadors Academy
#35 Dona Hemady Ave. cor. 5th Street
New Manila, Quezon City
Tel:  (632) 475-5576 or 71
Mobile: +63922-8266888

Thank you for dropping by.
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