Easter Egg Painting and Hunting


We really did not plan anything for Easter and so after having a lazy Sunday morning and ate spaghetti bolognese for lunch, I boiled some eggs and set an art day with the kids.

I took out some colored markers, paint brushes and watercolor paint and the kids made their own Easter egg creations.

The girl's Monet-inspired abstract in watercolor...

...the boy's 'earth, water, and fire' theme (oops, I think I placed this upside-down when he clearly specified that the 'fire' should be at the bottom!)

...and my attempt at my favorite paisley prints (fail! LOL!).

Then we played a few rounds of egg hunting around the reading area...and they wanted more! I didn't expect they would enjoy this pretty simple game of ours! We should be doing this again :)

Of course they "found" 2 eggs each for every round, and proudly lined them up here...

Easter with the girl, the eggs, and the pink bunny
How's did you celebrate Easter?

This was last year's...Easter, Rabbits, and other creatures...

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