Soothing Foot & Body Massage at Nuat Thai Libis

Nuat Thai spa "provides relaxation and easing stress...unique in the sense that the massage is a dry massage applying acupressure to your body, relieving muscle aches and pains, anti-aging, improves blood circulation and relief of stress. These are just some of the benefits of Thai massage." - nuatthaiph.com

I am a sucker for a good massage.  When I was still single and working full time (eons ago!), I treated myself to a weekly full body detoxification massage, and it was gloriously intoxicating.  It's like my body craves for that weekly pampering -- and that was in between days at the gym and badminton play dates with my girl friends.  Nowadays, I can't even book a quick trim at the salon, so having this massage was such a reward!
The illuminated hallway
My visit to Nuat Thai Libis was not planned at all. In fact, it was just a day after getting in touch with a family friend that this surprise came along. To think I had just claimed a gift for a full body massage from another spa a week earlier!  Lucky me! :-)

To be honest, my weekly indulgence in the past had set quite a high standard that made me expect the same, if not better, kind of service from all my succeeding spa visits.  Some delivered, a few failed. With varying price points, different amenities, and a menu of body treatments, the only basis for me to "judge" a spa would be my actual pampering experience and value for money.

Eucalyptus oil is always my choice
When I checked out Nuat Thai Libis' Facebook page, I was impressed with their place which got me really excited. I saw their list of treatments and rates, which were all lower than other popular spas I've tried before.  Of course, I thought for sure I'd be lying down on a narrow bed, side by side with others in my half-naked self, in one big common area where I can hear the other guests breathing or snoring! I was wrong.

I was with J for lunch that day, so he tagged along and off we went to Nuat Thai in Libis. The receptionist recommended we have a foot massage first, before our body treatment.  So after choosing our treatments, we were provided flip flops then led to this dimly lit wash area --  my first ever footsie wash on a low-set basin and faucet! Nice and warm.

30-minute Express Foot Massage
I really enjoyed this and felt a bit sleepy, but tried not to. Hot pads were placed behind our neck and lower back -- plus points for extra comfort and relaxation. I'd call it foot and leg massage to be accurate. Below is the cozy foot massage area, with 6 individual recliners, opposite the Thai massage cubicles. Curtains separate each guest.

The express foot massage was sort of an appetizer for the main course: Head-Back-Shoulder massage for J, and Swedish massage for me with minty eucalyptus oil.  Both 60-minute treatments.
It's a warp!
I had a choice of dry Thai body massage which I haven't tired before, but instead chose Swedish so I can fairly compare their service with the other similar treatments I've tried.

Since I was used to taking a shower before having a massage, I asked for one, but they don't have a shower room.  I was half disappointed. But after learning about Thai massage, which is a dry massage, I understood why a shower room was not necessary.

The Thai massage is done on the floor with a mat, in individual Thai massage cubicles, while the Swedish massage was done on a typical massage bed in a more spacious cubicle, below left.  I was provided a drawstring shorts to put on. Having private cubicles for each guest is a luxury I did not expect given their very competitive rates. I hate common rooms so this won me over.

J said his HBS massage was just good.

1-hour Swedish Massage
It was at par with my past treatments and have met my expectations in terms of body care (I'm very conscious of my privates being exposed, hehe), pressure, and technique. In short, I felt the same, invigorated, as with all the other Swedish-style massages I've had.

Would you believe that my body massage the week before was just as relaxing, BUT cost 3X more than what Nuat Thai is charging?! And I was not even offered tea afterwards!  Okay, I'm sure it's because the other one has far more superior facilities with free use of jacuzzi and steam bath.  Then again, I am judging based solely on the treatment.

After my initial visit at Nuat Thai Libis, I give them two thumbs up! Believe me when I say they exceeded my expectations.  To sum it up:
  • Price points are very, very affordable - great value for money!
  • Menu of services were basic and straightforward
  • Amenities were classy and zen-like
  • Facility is clean and well-kept
  • Friendly and able therapists
  • Choice of special body massage oils
  • Separate foot massage area with recliners
  • All private, individual body massage cubicles - this is the best part in my book!
  • Complimentary hot tea

Thank you NUAT THAI Libis! I'll be back for your signature massage with aromatherapy balls! :)
Friendly staff awaits customers at the spa
So you wanna massage?

Great news:
Thanks to Nuat Thai Libis, you too can enjoy their invigorating massages by simply joining my blog anniversary blowout and get a chance to win a free Thai body or foot massage for two!  Watch out for my blog blowout post on April 29. 
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Top photo taken from Nuat Thai Libis on Facebook.

Nuat Thai Libis
2nd Flr. Triquetra Bldg.
#90 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave.
Libis, Quezon City
(across Shopwise and above Allied Bank)
Tel.: (632) 477-5004
Mon - Sun: 12:00 pm - 2:00 am

Thank you for dropping by.
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