Mom-Finds: Yuko Aqua Gold Hair Repair Spray

Last Friday of the month:  Mom-Finds / Beauty product

"Ang kapal ng buhok mo" (your hair is thick).  This is how most, if not all, people describe my hair whenever I go to a salon or during the very few instances when people take notice.  It is thick, and dark, and dull.   Oh well...I never really fuss over my hair, or my appearance, as much as others would.  I often think my hair screams for my attention from time to time, especially when it poofs up and appears so dry.

Now let me warn you:  I do not claim this to be a miracle spray but I am just very happy and totally satisfied with what it can do for my hair, and my confidence! :)

Presenting...the Aqua Gold Repair Through by Yuko, hair treatment (leave-on) spray "for dry, sensitized, and damage hair". Made in Japan.
Available only at AHMS @ P1,800.00
I bought this spray at Akira Hair and Make-up Salon (AHMS) with the promise of giving my hair a healthier, softer, shinier look with regular use. Help with the Japanese description please! :)

My hair chronicles began with a new haircut and Yuko Yamashita hair treatment system from Akira salon which I got with a coupon deal. This was part of my 'pamper-me' project for my birthday month.  The conditioning treatment gave my hair a softer texture, making it more manageable. To maintain this, the stylist recommended the use of this convenient, home treatment spray.

As much as possible, I try to avoid featuring myself in any of my posts. I prefer to work behind the scenes. But (blog) duty calls and the inevitable happens.  So excuse the portraits and hair shots. I tried. Hard. No help.  Now here I am again, this time, featuring "The Hair". Sorry, I don't have "before" shots.
Finally....soft, tame head of hair!
You have to believe me when I say I really don't have the nicest hair and a I usually sport a ponytail for a clean, low-maintenance look.  The rare times I receive compliments for my hair was when I straighten it and wear it down.  The past couple of weeks that I've been meeting up with different sets of friends, "The Hair" has gotten raves, even on Twitter! LOL!  And so I thought I'd share my beauty find, especially for those who have a similar hair dilemma. Even for guys!

Truth be told, my hair instantly softens when sprayed, and leaves a very subtle sheen that livens up my usually plain, dull, dry hair.  Japanese hair technology at it's best?  It's not cheap so I just use it when I'm meeting people! =>  I am definitely saving every drop of this Yuko spray! Stocks must be limited now especially after the devastation in Japan.

On top of this, I sometimes use Citre Shine Anti-Frizz Spray Laminator. A shine mist that makes my hair look more polished and in place. I had this one for a longer time now and only use it after I style my hair with a straightening iron. It does create that glossy finish, though temporary.

Still, I dream of those lush, glossy, bouncy model-hair...in time, maybe...

There. I did it. Hopefully, I won't have to "model" for a post again! :)))

Yuko Hair Products
Akira Hair & Make-up Salon
A.Venue Events Mall
Makati Avenue, Makati City
Tel. (632) 621-3460 / 474-1819

For those wondering what straightening iron I used, it's Conair with wider ceramic plates that are more gentle on hair over metal surfaces. I ordered thru Amazon several years ago.  It's cheaper now at only $20.40!!! Check it out!
Conair Flat Iron 2" Ceramic Straightener - Dual Voltage.
Conair Flat Iron 2" Ceramic Straightener - Dual Voltage

I am also eyeing this 2-in-1! 
Infiniti by Conair CS54 Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Curler & Straightener, Black
Infiniti by Conair CS54 Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Curler & Straightener

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