I Won a Samsung Flash Band!

THANK YOU Ms. Jenni Epperson, you made my day again!

So here's the very first thing that greeted me this morning when I logged in on Twitter:

jenniepperson:  YOU WON! Batch 1: @mymomfriday (and 9 others)
See top left Tweet

I'd say "it pays" to be a loyal follower of some the fab blog sites on the web. And I am so fortunate to have won from Jenni's blog twice! The first one was this kyooot envelope pouch with the bear, and now this Samsung Flash band (photos above c/o Jenni's blog).

So I suggest you follow our blogs and on Twitter @mymomfriday and @jenniepperson to get the latest happenings, promos and contests you can join! :)

The first batch of gifts I won from the blogs I follow are from Folie A Deux and Frannywanny. Then the pouch from Jenni, and of course the recent beauty treatment from Animetric's World -- Obagi Diamond Peel and samplers, and finally this Samsung Flash Band. 

My tip to all of you is to just join blog contests hosted by your favorite sites and you might just get lucky, 5X over!!! :)

From the very apt 'iheartquotes' I received on Twitter: Remember that there is no happiness in having or in getting, but only in giving. - Og Mandino

I will return the favor and host my own giveaway for my followers, soon!

Have a great week ahead!

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