Shark Tales...And Tails!

WARNING:  In case there are kids around, before you scroll further, make sure you can answer their "how", "why", "what", and more "why" questions after seeing this.  Rated: PG.

I woke up to a sunny Sunday morning...slept in 'til a little past 9...did my thing, went to the kids' room and kissed them good morning...then down I went to eat a light breakfast.

Half-way through my decaf, hubby quickly grabbed and pulled me toward the den/office to look at something. Thought there was sort of a surprise...and there it was...

The small shark ATE the smaller one...whole!!!
See the tail from it's mouth up there? And look at the belly!!! Talk about cannibalism!

I rushed to call the kids and got my camera. While I was telling them about it, I was still half-shocked, half-amused, smiling and giggling a bit. Really didn't know how I should react. It was a first for everyone in the house to see such a sight. Surprising, but not unusual. It's in the shark's vicious aggressive nature, no matter how small they are.

"Mommy, why are you smiling?", the boy asked in bewilderment. Now that I thought about it, why was I smiling? After what had happened?!? Shame, shame. Sorry my dear boy, you're right, mommy should not be happy about this. It was totally my fault. Hubby feeds them in the morning, and it's my turn in the evening. We had guests over for dinner last night and so I completely forgot to feed the pets! Bad mommy. Tsk, tsk.

After a few curious questions, they ran up to their room and left mommy and daddy to deal with this. *Sigh*
Our small 5-gallon tank with 2 algae-eater fish (lower left side), and 2 mini hammer head sharks
And this was the most "disturbing" image I caught...it was trying to "spit out" the smaller one but after a few seconds, gobbled it up back in it's mouth again!

We don't know how long this shark can last like this, swimming in circles in the small tank with it's "friend" stuffed inside it.  Any fish doctor out there?

We'll just have to wait and see.
Abangan ang susunod na kabananta (watch out for the next episode)...

p.s. I don't think this is a hammer head shark, but that's what the staff at the pet store labelled it.

It survived and eventually digested part of the fish inside, and spit out the tail-end. Eewww!

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