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Last Friday of the month:  Mom-Finds and Faves / Fashion finds

"...an Earthling Mama makes room for her Earthlings to explore style and self expression, even when some of the choices her Earthling makes do not fit her own sense of style. Our vibe and our style are about creativity, imagination, touches big and small that Earthlings use to express their style and their personality."

The intro above is from the newest proudly-Filipino online shopping site offering an array of choice hip clothing that complement the unique personalities of the little ones. And just the other day, I was a satisfied and happy customer when I got my first purchase from Mothering Earthlings.

As I was browsing to look for a nice gift, I spotted this very mod white and black A-line dress in cotton piqué fabric from Ines Moda Infantil, one of the brands they carry. The dress has that 60s vibe, not your typical frou-frou girly dress, and that's why I love it!  It also comes in black reverse color.
'Luli' dress by Ines Moda Infantil @ P660
A few clicks and a day later, my order was ready.  I am not new to online shopping, but this is my first purchase from a local merchant. Since I am privileged to know one of the ladies behind this fab site, I was confident about the quality of the items and I know I'll get what I ordered. It was quick, simple and so convenient. I used my Paypal account and chose to pick-up the item since the pick-up point is conveniently along my daily route. They have corresponding delivery fees if you choose this option, even outside the Philippines.

I was surprised to see that my order was packed in this brown paper bag, simply labeled and sealed with a logo sticker. When I opened it, the dress was not wrapped in clear plastic as I have expected, which is typical for newly-bought items.  Then I realized and came to appreciate the thought behind it -- making the packaging earth-friendly. It was a very nice touch indeed. They are, after all, Mothering Earthlings! =)

After taking the dress out of the bag, I quickly changed my mind and just wanted to keep the chic 'Luli' dress for my girl instead! But she was not feeling it yet, so it's going to be on stand-by in my gifts bin for now.

Go ahead and check out their site and you're sure to find cool, quirky, and stylish kids' and babies' wear that will make the tykes stand out, with brands like:

Googoo & Gaga

In The Crib

Proud Mama

Expect more fashionable finds and exciting items in their line-up soon!

Visit and shop online at:
Mothering Earthlings

After a couple of months, the girl finally decided to wear the dress and channeled her inner "mod". And then she's off to horsey land! :)

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