Fun Friday: Tales of a Pathological Picture-taker

Third Friday of the month:  Hobby / Recreation

Embroidery, stamp collecting, baking, sketching, scrap-booking, etc., etc. I used to have so much passion for my childhood hobbies. None of the digital stuff then. As much as I would like to take on a serious hobby now, there's just not enough time in a day and I can only squeeze in blogging and "picture-taking" in between kids' schedules and home management. I am not even comfortable using the word "photography" since I am far from being a true hobbyist. I simply love to take pictures!

I can still remember borrowing my mother's Pentax camera every time we have school activities and field trips. My high school scrap books are solid proof of those click-happy days.
Grab this perfect button from Shabby Blogs

Fast forward to 2010:
From the good, the bad, to downright horrible, I have my days. Taking photos of kids, places, and everyday things are quite addicting. I admit, I take too much pictures. Especially after I got my dSLR for Chirstmas last yearPathological picture-taker, that's me! Really. They say, all you need is a glimmer of inspiration...and the all important "eye" for that perfect shot, regardless of what camera you use. I'm hoping, and trying to develop that "eye".

Please indulge me on this post. It's Fun Friday, and picture-taking is really fun for me, and I'm sure for many of you too! Some sample images with my personal satisfaction ratings -- in the eyes of a pathological picture-taker:

The Good (?)...

Look! Mating butterflies caught in the act!
Mooncake addict in the house *drool*
Portrait of my Tinkerbell
Love these tiny nuggets of chewy "sampaloc" candy -- that's tamarind Skittles for you

Buddha's hand
So-so (?)...

Foreground? Background? Foreground? ok...guess it's background then
The girl, the tub, or the walls?
Low light...can't focus on this visitor during breakfast...
Just horrible...
First shot of 2010, "capturing" the beauty of the full moon...dried bamboo instead
Stop moving you two! Urgh!
Bullseye! "Overexposed" bird...
Washed out...the blazing sun is killing me!
Sorry for spoiling your appetite... I murdered the chocolate Truffles

Good?  Bad?  Horrible?  You be the judge. Tips, tricks, and professional advise are most welcome.

What a colorful year I had! More inspiration in the coming new year :-)

All photos taken with Canon Rebel T1i / 500D, 18-55mm lens

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