Freestyle Friday: Shoe Tales

I love shoes.  Even more than bags.  And my fondness for shoes are now carried over to children's shoes -- the subject of today's Freestyle Friday.

Look at what I found after doing some clean-up of the little girl's closet days ago...

...my old toddler shoes!  Wow, if these shoes could talk!

Can you believe my mother kept this white (now dirty white!) all-leather T-strap walking shoes for more than three decades? She handed them over to me last year and I was ecstatic when my girl tried them on and it fits her perfectly.  For one afternoon she was proud to be wearing mommy's baby shoes and then decided to claim it as hers.  I kept this for posterity.

Just recently, it resurfaced together with some of the kiddos' old baby shoes, inspiring me for this post.

Each cute little pair brought back priceless memories of when my boy and girl first wore them...

...their first booties, first walking shoes, baptismal shoes, birthday shoes, and more significant steps along the way.

I took pleasure in buying shoes for my kids, and I still do. The boy couldn't care less about footwear, while little girl was always giddy and wide-eyed with each new pair.

Here are some of their current batch of shoes reflecting their individuality.  Obviously, the girl owns more pairs. =)

Sorting through these tiny shoes made me nostalgic and realize that, more than their old clothes, it is with their shoes that you can really measure, literally and figuratively, how they have grown.  Reality is, they are babies no more. :-(

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