Mommy Moments: Kids and Amusement Rides

Tea Cup ride, Carousel, Mini-Ferris Wheel, Crazy Bus. Young kids can demand so many rounds on their favorite amusement rides once they get started. And they want to ride 'em all till they drop!

Here's my share of those fun (and dizzying!) rides with the kiddos for this week's Mommy Moments.

Having a blast, this is the little man's first try at Cosmic Kidz's Sling Shot ride in Kids Universe at SM Mall of Asia. He went for four rounds straight!

Classic, all-time favorite Carousel ride at Shangri-la Plaza mall. '3 rides for P100' ticket please... make that two tickets.

My boy finally tried this animal ride but found it boring...while my girl refused to get off this stuffed pony (though not an amusement ride) from the toy store.

What's your kid's favorite rides?

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