Anatomy of a School (Trolley) Bag

Second Friday of the month:  Family Friday - Schooling

No. This is not the girl's bag.  She can't possibly have a bag that's almost as heavy as her! Hers is that little pink backpack on top of big brother's first ever (large) school trolley bag.  She just likes sitting on this wheeled one.

Every since my boy was in nursery, he have wanted "a big bag with wheels" like the ones he saw being pulled (dragged) by the prep boys and graders every morning when we bring him to school. Maybe it's the sheer size of it, or simply having wheels on the bag that impressed him.  If he only knew how cumbersome those trolley bags can be!
Which brings me to wonder:
  • Why do school kids need to lug around ALL their textbooks everyday in the first place?
  • Can't the teachers just ask the youngsters to bring what they will need for the day?
  • Why can't schools provide at least some shelf space, if not lockers, for the kids to "park" their stuff?
Is this too much to ask? I know many parents who share the same sentiments.
With everything packed in, can you guess how heavy the bag can be?!?  We're just so lucky to have the maintenance crew carry all the heavy bags up and down the stairs everyday at the my son's school. I can just imagine how other students manage to carry, pull or maneuver such a pretty heavy load.  Not to mention the daily strain on their bodies.

If you got to read my previous post on Draw Books, I mentioned that my boy is lugging this ginormous trolley bag. Well, this is the bag.

These types of bags don't come cheap. And there are several brands and designs to choose from. Check out the features of my little man's Justice League trolley bag:
  • Approx.  16 inches x 8 inches x 12 inches  (LxWxH)
  • Zipped front and back pockets - for extra storage like pad papers, pens, extra change of clothes, etc.
  • Side compartments - removable pouch and water jug sling
  • Matching lunch bag
  • Rain gear - it comes with it's own cover-up, tucked at the back
  • Reinforced rectangular body (though I don't really know what padding they used, I'm guessing wood, metal sheet or polycarbonate?), sturdy enough for him to sit on
  • Solid, durable base with corner guards
  • Rotating 6 wheels, push-pull in any direction with ease -- this one was the deciding factor for us

Maybe by the time this carry-all box of a bag gets worn out (I'm counting at least 3 years given how much we paid for this!), the school would reconsider providing the students some relief from this heavy load.

And by the way, this not-yet-fully-packed trolley weighed in at 12 kilos!
Would you like to try carrying this up three flights of stairs?

Today's post happens to fit the theme 'Kids and Bags' so this is my first participating entry for Mommy Moments. Thanks to mommy Chris for inviting me.
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