Heavenly Cream Puff Craving

If you were to choose between a cupcake or a cream puff, which one would you rather have?  

Obviously, I'd go for a cream puff anytime. Especially with this one.

Just last weekend, my love for cream puffs was rekindled when I brought home a box of Beard Papa's 'fresh and natural cream puffs' from their kiosk at SM Megamall.

I still remember my first encounter with Beard Papa's from their branch in Greenhills a few years ago.  As I approached the counter, I was in awe seeing these large, fist-sized (as compared with smaller versions I've tried) puff pastry all lined up, while some were being pumped with their signature custard on the spot upon ordering.  This ensures the freshness of each cream puff they serve.  I just gotta have one, or two!

Founded in 1999 by Yuji Hirota, this Japanese chain of cream puff stores only serve freshly made pastries using the finest ingredients like organically grown vanilla beans and with no preservatives.

Each crusty, light and fluffy choux pastry is filled with fresh luscious vanilla custard-cream, and a sprinkle of fine powdered sugar on top. So simple a pastry yet so heavenly delightful, and filling too!  It's like whipped crème brulee in a perfectly baked choux.

Cream Puff : P50@ / Special price for box of 5 or box 10 for only P35@

Beard Papa's also serve the equally scrumptious Eclair Cream Puffs if you prefer yours with a chocolate top. This box of 5 was shared between me, my sis-in-law and two adorable girls who just poked, licked and sucked out all the custard cream and left the deflated, yet still spongy pastry shells to us moms.

Best to consume immediately.
Refrigerate and consume within 24 hours.

Beard Papa's Cream Puffs
Ground Level, SM Megamall Blgd. A
(across National Bookstore)

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  1. It's been awahile since I last had their cream puffs. Reading your post makes me want to eat one - soon!

  2. I wanna try!!!! Wish we had something called Food-Ex (Fed Ex) to deliver me some cream puffs!


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