What Am I Blogging About?

I have decided to organize my entries according to the following schedule and hope you continue to follow me through all my Fridays, and in-betweens (",).

I am committed to only write about my personal experiences, thoughts, discoveries, products and services that I truly like and believe in, and share my interests and passions with you.

Here are My Fridays:

Food, Mom-Cook (Recipes) and Dining
I am far from being a good cook, though I consider myself a foodie. I am quite adventurous with my food choices, but having a family with two growing kids calls for a totally different menu.

I am a struggling home cook who needs to whip up a balanced and delicious meal on a day to day basis for my family. That, for me, is an unending challenge.

Mom-Cook: Recipes - a collection of easy-to-cook meals to help busy bodies like me. Most of the dishes you will find here can be done in 30 minutes of less.  Some are inspired from cookbooks, food blogs, restaurant fares, and my mom's cooking which I desperately try to replicate.

I shall also feature other food finds and our dining experiences, pleasant or otherwise.

Kids, Home, Health and Family life
After getting married, being pregnant, giving birth, raising two beautiful children, working part-time and managing our home, I believe that in my own small imperfect world, I have gained nuggets of wisdom along the way.  Hopefully, these tidbits I will share in this blog would help other moms, dads, and even singles, in their own journey to building a happy and healthy family life.  So, expect anything from baby food to schooling, health to home improvements, marriage and parenting woes.

Leisure and Recreation, Travel, Events
Family travel tales, entertainment, personal hobbies, happy occasions and events, and other forms of leisurely activities that we get to experience shall be chronicled here.

This will be all about fun and memorable moments that make our lives more colorful.

Good Finds, Shopping, and Raves 
Mom-Finds - features non-food products and services I discovered, purchased, or have availed of, cool bargain items and great finds for the enjoyment of my family and myself.  This will also be my pay-day weekend post.  Moreover, I'll showcase items that cost P500 (US$10) or less, if I find one worth raving about.

I consider myself a practical shopper and I take pleasure in sharing some of my good buys to friends and loved ones.

Special Features:
MOM-STYLE / Kid-Style : putting the spotlight on mothers with style and substance; posts on my personal fashion and design inspirations; and trend-spotting for moms and kids (and maybe for dads too).

MOM-GROCER : grocery finds; a random post of the good, the bad, and the rotten, but mostly about the family's favorites and my kitchen staples

HOME-STYLE : a special section where I get to share my love for beautiful interiors and home design; shall feature design inspirations from real homes, with real stories behind the furniture pieces, accessories, theme, or colors that make up a beautiful dwelling for couples and families.

What if there's a FIFTH FRIDAY in a month?

If that's the case, 5th Friday = LAST Friday of the month = Mom-Finds and Faves

In effect, the 4th Friday for that month will be FREESTYLE FRIDAYAnything goes...well, sort of.
I will take this opportunity to post anything that strikes my fancy at that moment -- maybe a giveaway, or some inspiring images that reflect my interests in fashion, design and photography.  Less words, more pictures. Consider this a pleasant break from the usual write-ups.

What about the OTHER DAYS of the week?

As I have mentioned on my Who page, if the homefront demands less of my time during the week and I can stay up a few more hours at night, I'll write an entry, or two, in between Fridays (",).

Feel free to leave your thoughts on any of my posts. And if you liked any of my stories, please pass on the blog-love and share it with your friends and loved ones.  :-)

I do hope you'll like my features.  Thank you for taking time to read this blog.

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