Mom-Friday Site Make-Over Photo Contest

Wanted: New Header

In line with my blog site make-over which I announced here earlier, I am very excited to give all of you a chance to be a part of this all-important phase in creating Mom-Friday's new look.  A major element of any site is it's overall theme, look and feel, which is mainly represented by the Image Header.  It is the window to your site. It sets the tone. It creates the first impression. It introduces the reader to what the site is all about.

This header you see here now, as I have mentioned before, is just temporary.  While I was undergoing site "renovation", I found myself in a quandary and can't really decide what's the best image, or if I will be able to take a beautiful photo I can use. And eureka! A Photo Contest!

I thought this is the best opportunity for me to invite all of you to contribute your lovely photographs, graphic designs or artworks, any image that you think best represents this blog, "Mom-Friday", as described on my header and introduction (on the top, sidebar).

Anybody can have a chance to win these fab prizes:

1. Personalized JEL Stickers (for the top 3) -- water-proof, laminated finish, choose-your-own character design, and put your name or a child's name. All new design collection not yet available in the market. Stick them anywhere, from your food keepers, personal items, electronics, books, gifts, etc.

Aren't they cute? My boy's stickers are still on these containers after almost 3 years! And now my girl has her own set.  For sure, moms, kids and the kids-at-heart would love to have these! The new collection will be featured here as Mom-Finds once they are available by mid-March, with details for ordering in case you're interested.

2. Winner will also receive one (1) copy of GoodHousekeeping Collector's Edition Cookbook.
If you've been following this blog, you will notice that I am a fan of easy-to-cook dishes and this mini cookbook offers more than a hundred easy recipes! I bought 4 copies last December, kept one for myself and gave the rest as gifts. And the winner will receive the last one.

3. Mystery Prize - for the winner only
I'm feeling generous so I'm still in search of a bonus prize for you, whoever you are, so to be announced next week (",)

4. Bonus - Another bonus in case the winner is from the Philippines, I'll throw in one (1) Gymboree Coupon for 1-hour free gymplay for kids 4 years old and below, at any branch in the country. My girls is a member, my boy was too, and they just love it at Gymboree!

Here are Photo Contest mechanics:
How to join:
1. Open to anyone generous enough to share and lend me an original image.
Hubby is disqualified (",)
2. Each participant can submit a maximum of 2 entries, in either of these forms:
 a. Original photographs captured by the participant
 b. Original artworks or graphic designs made by the participant
3. Send digital JPEG file formats - between 100kb to 500kb in size (for faster upload).
I would appreciate if you can re-size to 910pixels x 300pixels to fit the header size.
If you can't re-size, it's OK, I can do it for you. But your image should speak for itself, and would still look good when cropped to these specifications.
4. Submission period:  February 26 until 12 noon (Manila time) of March 4.
This will provide ample time for me to choose and announce the top 3 images on March 5.
5. The winning image will be launched on March 9 -- my birthday!
6. Email your entries with your full name, age, occupation, and mailing address to: mymomfriday@gmail.com

Criteria (All three carry equal weight while I choose the image):
Overall impact - the image should be striking and arresting enough to capture my attention and the readers; colored image is preferred.
Relevance - the image should represent any facet of being a Mom-Friday; it should be appropriate for this blog and what it stands for.  But nothing too serious okay? (",)
Originality - it has to be unique...surprise me!

1. Participants should have mailing addresses that can be reached via couriers, such as FedEx or LBC.
2. Participants should be willing to give me exclusive rights and use of the image for at least 12 months from date of first use. This site will be the only venue that will carry the image. I would be so sad to see my header image used for something else.
3.  The blog title and fonts shall remain the same. Only the winning image will be superimposed on the header background.
4. All details sent by participants will be confidential and will only be used by me for announcement and awarding purposes.
5. Participants shall be responsible for certifying ownership of the image/s submitted for this contest. Winner shall be duly credited.
6. Delivery of prizes and other details shall be coordinated directly by me via email correspondence with the winner.
7. JEL Sticker designs shall be emailed to the final 3 to personalize their stickers.

For any questions or comments, just click on the feedback form and leave a message.
I the next 6 days, I will not post a new entry.  I will present the top 3 next Friday.

Join the fun! Photography enthusiasts and artists, this is your chance to showcase your work. Send your entries now and represent Mom-Friday!  Hurry, you have 1 full week to email me.

Ready? Set? Go send me that winning image!

Check update here
Mystery Prize revealed here
See the Final 3 here


  1. Wow, this is really challenging...I wish I could read your mind. hehe. But a good idea. I think I should do the same. :)

  2. Divina - go for it! :) i'll be waiting for your entry!

  3. aaah!! wracking my brain for ideas! i wanna join :D


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