Mom-Friday Make-Over Photo Contest - UPDATE

Having this contest is quite nerve-wracking as I do not know what to expect, really. 

Will there be any participants at all? Are my prizes attractive enough? Will I be able to have choices before Friday?
These are just a few of the questions in my head, stressing me out since I thought of the contest weeks ago. But i took the risk, and hopefully, some of you out there would support me on my first "interactive" venture for the blog.

After posting my announcement yesterday, I am happy to have received some very encouraging and funny feedback from well-meaning friends.  Some found my criteria to be too broad, while others want the prizes for free!  =D

Though on the previous post I stated that no new entries until next Friday, today, I thought I can share with you my first two headers just to give you, especially new visitors to this site, an idea how they looked like and why I used them in the first place.

Header #1
The Tiffany charm bracelet caught my eye and immediately, I found it to be the fitting image for my newly-launched blog site. For me, this is a very beautiful, and elegant, symbol for Mom-Friday.  Gold is precious. The engraved heart-shaped lock charm literally spells MOM. And it symbolizes the core of being a mother which is love.
Header #2
Chinese silk pin cushion with five hanging "babies". My mom gave this to me before I got married.  Of course this is for sewing. I guess she gave this to me 'coz she expects me to do some sewing after I get married -- stitching loose buttons, ripped hem, torn fabric toys, etc., etc.  Eventually, I did some sewing.  But I found this too pretty, too unique that I did not dare punch on hole on it.  And it reminded me of our old smiling Buddah with many children climbing and hanging on to him.  Very nurturing, multi-tasking, domesticated.  So I used this to replace #1.
The image can be anything, a symbol perhaps. It can even be just a silhouette of a mother and child, or an animated drawing of a lady with loads of shopping bags on one hand and a grocery basket on the other, with a kid in tow. Dig up old files for that gem of an image or create new ones! Anything goes.

So hurry, send in your Mom-Friday images now and get a chance to win some cool prizes!  The mystery prize is still in works and I will announce it before the deadline on March 4.

For the complete mechanics and conditions, click here.


  1. I still couldn't think of any ideas. I guess I'll dream about it tonight. :)

  2. Divina - dig up old files and maybe a cornucopia of your dishes, pots and pans may do the trick! hehe...


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