Mom-Finds: Native Shell Necklaces

Crystal chandelier earrings, dangling earrings, hoops, bead necklaces and cuffs, layered long chain necklaces and lariats...I have them all.  A few years ago, I had a phase of hoarding some colorful, sparkling pieces, and even tried my hand at jewelry-making! One day, I just stopped.

It's the end of the month.  Pay-day weekend. You know the drill -- here are my Mom-Finds under 500:

Assorted Shell Necklaces

Lately, I've been seeing a trend on chunky, bold neck pieces from runway shows, fashion magazines and websites. So I found myself scouring through my boxes of accessories and sorted them out as I reminisce. I decided to give some away, and a few I kept to wear again soon. Then last Sunday, after buying some Christmas decor at an all-Filipino bazaar at Megatrade Hall of SM, I chanced upon a booth with these gorgeous neck pieces made with natural materials like wood and shell.

P 70 @ - Multiple-strand necklace with large round shell pendant

I learned from the owner that they are hand-made in Cebu, and it sells for only P70!!! What a steal! I decided to buy a few pieces as gifts for friends. Typically, these would cost up to three times when you buy them at popular boutiques and department stores. You wouldn't expect this to be less than a hundred pesos with the generous use of beads, quality craftsmanship, and polished finish, like with this inlaid wood pendant below.

Shades of the sea - this light turquoise piece has a uniquely-shaped crushed shell pendant

These ethnic-inspired neck pieces can definitely add pizazz to a simple outfit and are so versatile they can easily be worn over plain shirts to dressy tops and dresses. I was looking for more colored choices but they ran out of stock and was told that it was the last day of the bazaar.

My regret was not buying more. You can try your luck until tomorrow as I've heard there's another bazaar over the weekend with native goods and delicacies. And as much as I wanted to go back and shop for more, I'm still not feeling 100% well.

After trying them all, I knew I can't part with any of them...I want them all! Maybe I'll just keep one. Can you help me decide which one will it be?

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  1. For $70 each, keep them all! They are all beautiful pieces!! M, you have inspired me to post about accessories, too. When I do, I'll link back to you, for sure. I'll ask Our Phenomenal Life if she wants to join in on the fun!


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