Instant Pritong Saba à la Mode

Bananas (Saging, in Filipino) are the most versatile fruit I can think of -- eaten raw, cooked in different ways, blended as a drink, grilled, candied, you name it. And locally, a popular variety is the Saba (Cardaba) that can be eaten in so many ways, just Google it!  I also read somewhere that this type of banana has a similar nutritional value of a potato. 

It started with the 'Crazy Rice' express meal I did two weeks ago where I promised to share "more quick-and-easy dishes" that I was able to whip up in the past weeks. Allow me to continue with this snack. This may not be considered a real dish but at least it filled us up on our impromptu mid-afternoon sweet craving. So let me keep this short and present you the simplest way to enjoy saging na saba's soft, meaty flesh for an instant snack, dessert or even breakfast!
2-Way Pritong Saba
Semi-ripe Saba bananas, peeled and halved.
Way 1 - Fried Saba halves:  lightly fry in oil until soft and golden brown, then sprinkle with sugar
Way 2 - Fried Saba halves A la Mode:  same as #1, then top with vanilla ice cream and drizzle with maple syrup!!!
The 2-way saba was served to the family one afternoon, and the à la mode was just an unexpected take on this plain saging as I remembered we still have vanilla ice cream in the freezer. And the kids surely loved this version better than the unappealing, soggy-looking fried bananas up there.

According to answers.com, à la Mode [ah lah MOHD] is French for "in the manner (or mode) [of]," referring to the style in which a dish is prepared. The term has been Americanized to also mean pie topped with ice cream.

From plain to gourmet, this humble banana was upgraded with just a few scoops of this delightfully rich and smooth Nestle Vanilla Secret ice cream with almond bits and caramel swirls. It was just a perfect pairing!

You can also top this with a different flavored ice cream, plus nuts and chocolate syrup, instead of maple. There are so much more saba treats you can try with ice cream:  Turon (sort of fried banana crepe) à la Mode, or Maruya (banana fritter) à la Mode. With or without the toppings, sweetened or not, we will never tire of eating this delicious and nutritious pritong saba anytime.

(Top photo from: http://www.ems-networld.com/PHfruits.html)


  1. Hi!

    I just wanted to share that we eat saba as is, in its uncooked state. Chris's trainer taught us that when eaten raw, the sugar from the banana takes longer to digest, ensuring well-distributed spurts of energy throughout a 10k run.

    I know it sounds gross, because that was my original reaction, too. We all eat saba cooked one way or the other, right? But it's really sweet when it's ripe.

    Thanks for sharing your cooking ideas. They always inspire me. :)

  2. hey thanks for that food tip! but i don't think i would want to try that, hahaha...watch out for more quickfire dishes...

  3. I'm definitely bookmarking this page for the recipe! I miss saba! And I love anything ala mode. Who doesn't?!

  4. I would definitely like the one with ice cream. :)


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