The Tooth Fairy and A Gloomy Holloween

"Is the tooth fairy leaving me a coin under my pillow?"; "Am I growing?"; "Is there a big tooth coming out already?" -- just some of the many questions from a curious soon-to-be-six-year-old boy.

My boy has reached a major milestone in his young life -- losing his first front tooth. It was a much anticipated "event" for the family since it has already been shaking for months now. The big fall happened yesterday after having a big bite of pizza for lunch!  Shocked, teary-eyed and panic-stricken, we rushed to give him some cold salt-water dilution to gargle on. He soon calmed down as we cheered him on while clapping.

Busy watching dad play his Nintendo DS while flashing his corn-kernel-sized tooth from his palm as I take a picture

Ever since his visit to the dentist three months back, when he was told to move the tooth everyday to make it easier to fall off, his imagination ran wild about his falling tooth. We knew that fear had set in. To prepare him for "The Day the Big Front Tooth Falls", my hubby and I knew we had to psyche him up and plant happy thoughts in that creative mind of his. You can say that we have built-up so much hype for THE Day that he was actually bragging about his shaky tooth to the grannies and cousin, saying he can't wait to turn six and become a 'big boy' as soon as it falls, that his big teeth are pushing the baby teeth down, and that he'll be waiting for the "Tooth Fairy" to come and bring him a surprise.  Even our girl can't wait for her tooth to fall off!

Now, he sounds funny with a charming lisp as he speaks, and wonders why his 'S' sounds differently. And he did get his Transformer toy surprise from the Tooth Fairy in case you were wondering :-)  This "event" was as much of a big thing for him as it was for us, and it's such a joy to see your kids go through those special growing-up moments and share the experience with them.

And yet another event -- tomorrow is Holloween!
Well, a rainy Holloween to be precise.  The weather forecast showed another typhoon is coming to the metro tonight. It is raining as I type. I don't think the city can take another hit especially after the wrath of Ondoy. Brace yourselves and pray people!

Think happy thoughts...think happy thoughts...
So here are the kids' 2008 Holloween Trick or Treat at the Podium Mall, as we ended up in a studio for a cute pictorial in their chinois costume.

Let me close this post with these cool and crafty Holloween cards from Color To Paper created by my friend Lilian. Check out more awsome creations in her site.

We're hoping they'd still get to 'Trick or Treat' in their new costumes this weekend!  We'll see how the weather plays out.  Happy Holloween!

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  1. What costumes did the kids wear? May trick or treat ba diyan sa 'Pinas? G went trick or treating and had so much fun, even though it was too cold outside.


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